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  1. you all are dickheads for hijacking this thread

    nobody gives a fuck about ur squad beef go fight in real life instead
  2. Or how about go fight in DayZero?
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  3. This mod deserves a better ending than the last few pages in this thread.

    Just saying
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  4. keyboard warriors, gotta love em
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  5. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    whats up shitstains

    Aka die once and logout :cool:l
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  6. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

  7. Was just playing without all the shit you guys was playing with. "breath shit" "dot on the screen" and bullshit like that.
    Fair and square player, hard to find these DayZ.
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  8. You guys are bunch of evil meanies towards each other. :-( BUT did you know that carrots are part of the parsley family?

    This thread is already giving me a cancer so remember guys, you are all special to someone and loved by someone and there is no point on reflecting your own bad feelings to others in this community. Don't be mad!

    Yours truly Dr.Banjo
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  9. Yeah...No
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  10. To clarify is that server time? Should we meet at the NWA middle barracks/CC?
  11. I get why people get upset by this post by @Tansien shortly after server donations and all that, but i kinda understand the decision to shut down. Comparing this to all the other dayz mods out there dayzero has allways been about quality over quantity and when there are no decent admins or creators left to give us players a propper gaming experience its better to shut down and let it be with the good memories we had.
    For me this has been one of the best gaming experiences i have ever had from the release of dayzmod in 2012 on the first SE servers to the peak around podagorsk release, and i really hope this is not the end of dayzero. If modable dayz standalone turns out to be a reality in the near future i really hope to see a reboot of dayzero there. It is 2016 time for something better than what arma 2 can deliver.
    In the meantime both as a community and dayzero as a mod needs a break. Cya later in dayz standalone dayzero mod? Doit.
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  12. Giel

    Giel You're a bastard. Leaderboard

    add this to your pornfolder clown
    add me on snapchat JBlack1K
    Then you can see how miserable your life is compared to mine
    skr skr~
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  13. Bea

    Bea Shipwrecked

    Yaman. Hour before servers will shutdown. Middle is good place to meet. Altough there will be some asshats ofcourse shooting at the meetup ppl.
  14. When squads still beefin' in 2016.


    PS: I've always been cheating.
  15. JerryB

    JerryB Riiiiiiight Leaderboard

    Most people knew you were a cheater ya daft bastard
  16. PS: Jolieto sucks balls, only good cuz I carry
  17. Sarcasm motherfucker, you know 'bout that?
  19. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    I'm bringing bad news my friends. After Ignak saw this announcement he suddenly just left our Teamspeak and I didn't hear of him in few days. I finally grew too worried and went to look for him, only to see my worst fears become true. After days of hardcore substance abuse, he finally ended his days in Chernarus, just few hundred meters from his home village of Kozlovka, next to his trusty scrap skoda.


    I hope we can all spend our last moments together peacefully, and respect the memory of our only true hero. #RIPignak
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