Bug on SE #2 Padagorsk

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jamrock, 2016-06-17.

  1. Jamrock

    Jamrock Shipwrecked

    - vehicle despawn even if you ve repaired them and filled them up with gear after restart.
    - remote exec restriction #0 while running through the map and loot is spawning
    - Skins are bad to Change. i have to go into a vehicle to get the Skin or i will be kicked.
    - 18:00 gmt+2 time Server restarts 5 minutes earlier then he should.

    hope you can fix those and i try my best to find more.
  2. regarding the first, i think you need to move the car!

    fixing it/putting gear in it doesnt do anything. Move it a good amount, park it somewhere else, that should help

    im not sure but i think the timer on vehicle despawn is 48h without moving it some good distance away
  3. Jamrock

    Jamrock Shipwrecked

    Well thanks for the answer! But who moves a vehicle when the Server is empty and you just repaired it 15 min before the restart ?
  4. ofc nobody does that, but you should, since you never know how long the vehicle has been standing there when u find it

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