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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eden, 2016-06-16.

  1. Eden

    Eden Check these cords on podagorsk. Is it an ACC?

    Ok... So please can we add 'Hatchet to back' or a melee fire mode for rifles like in the vanilla?

    My friends and I fought 3 hordes in Berezino today, 2 in the hospital and one in the supermarket. It would be great if we could quickly toggle to a melee weapon without having to drop guns, save a lot of ammo :p
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  2. I think there was a plan to be able to wield a melee weapon in the secondary weapon slot (Pistol slot)

    I hope it happens someday :)
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  3. I don't think a quick and silenced way of getting rid if the zeds should be part if Dayzero. The zombies and aggro while shooting is a big part and game breaker in this mod. It would be way to easy to deal with the zombies and they wouldn't be any harm at all during fights anymore.
    Just my opinion tho
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  4. That's a fairly good point. Silenced pistols with ammo aren't so easy to come By either :)

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