Hi I'm back

Discussion in 'General' started by Eden, 2016-06-16.

  1. Eden

    Eden Check these cords on podagorsk. Is it an ACC?

    Remember this was my favourite vers. of Dayz. Donated a while ago... will I still have the skin? Also anyone for hero team?
  2. Yeah, you have to die once to get the donater skin after a wipe.
    Not sure if you will find some players for a hero team tho. :-D
  3. Welcome back!
  4. What's a hero?
  5. not killing on sight, trying to be friendly, getting the hero skin (did anybody ever get the new hero skin they implemented?)
  6. Oh, good luck with that
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  7. Yeah I did ^^
  8. Hi Back. Im TheDew
  9. How are you doing and where are you from?
  10. Doing good. Im from Finland.
    And how you doin?
  11. Me too and mightyfine

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