DayZero Discord Server?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LSB_, 2016-06-12.

  1. LSB_

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    Would people be interested in a DayZero discord server, its free to host, i'm also beginning to prefer it over teamspeak.

    In short, it would allow newbie players to find people to play with but, if anyone pays for their teamspeak, you could just ask for a channel in the DayZero discord and you'd save a few quid.

    Also its pretty easy to setup, like i could do it if need be.
  2. Good Idea imo. Set one up and post the link here.
  3. LSB_

    LSB_ Survivor Leaderboard

  4. Nahkiss

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  5. LSB_

    LSB_ Survivor Leaderboard

    I've read what you've put in the other thread, and my response would be the same as bishops in that case, ill close down the server now. Maybe when admins/mods are interested in making one, then it can be made, only takes 5 mins anyway.
  6. Due to a bug in the datacenter server billing system, it automatically suspended all of our servers. Not just us, it suspended everyone who use their service. 10th is their billing day, so something got f....ed up

    Anyway its fixed for us have fun

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