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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Razor.dll, 2016-06-07.

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    I have noticed a decline in popularity(Someone will disagree) but I have a proposal, Combining DayZ Epoch and DayZero(Im sure someone has already thought about it) awesome PVP in a harsh environment ran on a well optimized mod with base building. This would bring in more people since there would be different play styles(bandit trader, hero trader with big benefits), more people will stay on since there is more things to do like camping traders, doing crate missions(If any missions at all) and to build a base extending the playtime for people instead of 20 people on at day then only 2 at night, maybe around 40 day and 20 at night.

    Sometimes you have to try new things if you can.
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    NO, never!
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  3. im all for trying new things and ofc this sounds intriguing at first, but i actually dont believe this would give a consistently high player count. not gonna start on how its unlikely the devs have the time to do this or even want to (right?). and then there's the majority of dayzero players who dont WANT basebuilding, but just PVP and will object to changing the mod in this way (right?).

    tl;dr just come play the mod :)

    edit: giff black forest base plz
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    Combining 2 mods is not like putting 2 pieces of puzzle together. We can't just go to epoch and copy-paste all the features you mentioned, it just doesn't work like that. Considering how much time Tansien currently has to develop DayZero, I doubt he really would have time to implement Epoch features on DayZero. DayZero itself is heavily rewritten (There's barely any code from vanilla DayZ left) so there's probably not much on epoch code that could be re-used.

    And this is all considering if Tansien even wanted such things. As far as I remember, there's no base-building planned for DayZero.
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  5. That would probably bring players, but wouldn't it kinda kill the point of DayZero?
  6. --> you have been heard out at least? :p
  7. DayZero and DayZ is boring in general now for me, I have like 2k hours in Arma 2 overall and nearly 700 in dayz standalone. I'm really drained of the game now, the same map, same concept, it's just what happens when you put thousands of hours into a game like this.
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    I have over 6k hours in dota 2 on just obe map and it's not boring... But yea, Namalsk would be good ;-)

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