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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by DexHex, 2016-04-05.

  1. DexHex

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    Hello everyone! Y-day i've installed dayz mod through the launcher and all was fine... but a couple hours ago i've decided to play again and got some red error message in launcher. I didn't remember it exactly, but i tried reinstalling the launcher.
    Done all like it says here - , but now after downloading launcher again and starting it, error tells me "an error occured attempting to install dayzero launcher" and it didnt even try to install. So is there any problems now with servers or something wrong is on my side? How can i fix it?
    ps in install.log it says:
    "Launching Application.
    URLDownloadToCacheFile failed with HRESULT '-2146697204'
    Error: An error occurred trying to download ''."
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  2. DexHex

    DexHex Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Another update: i've tried installing launcher also on my laptop using wi-fi connection and the problem stil appeared as it was on desktop. But when i changed wi-fi connection with my phone in modem mode and tried again - the problem dissappeared!
    So it seems to be like my home IP or subnet is banned on your servers/download server or something like this, is that possible?
    4/04 all was fine, the servers were available for me, i've even played for a while.
  3. Hi guys,
    when I run lazy launcher, there was an error: System. InvalidOperationException: compiler executable file csc. exe cannot be found.
    Any advice
    Thanks a lot
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  4. Sadly the server is offline for more than a year now, so you better play another dayz mod ;-)
  5. Nahkiss

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    Heh, it's spam bot. None of the messages make real sense.

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