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Discussion in 'General' started by A.kirkham, 2016-03-28.

  1. if ppl are up for it , we pick a somewhat big area around the middle of the map and have 5ish crates(depending on how many sqauds/players) in or around the playarea filled with like 10 aks 10 stanags and some cz's, all with mags and meds so you will be able to respawn a couple of times and run up again, keep in mind that i said middle of the map so runtime should be minimal , set down some ground rules , maybe get an admin in there to keep checks , and have a king of the hill/hungergames ish type or capture the lapua/something else that would be fun to cap, lapua would be withour mags and just act like a flag handicap for the carrier, every squad has their own crate that acts like a base(same crates as the ones with weapons in them) and you play around capping said item from the other sqauds crates and getting it to your crate , the squad with the most "special items" wins after the time is up. lets say we do it on a sunday between 15:00 - 21:00 or maybe less/more time (im thinking 6 hours should be ok for the crate/cap mode to get a couple of respawns in, alot lower if ppl would pref king of the hill or hungergames since there would be) anything like that , make sure that every squad has atleast recording / streaming with delay , we compile a video from the recording and we try to get the streams (if we get most squads streaming) posted on alot of subreddits and forums so that way we dont just have an awesome time , we might also get some fresh blood

    and since im guessing theres not enough big squads out there we would have to make set teams or if anyone has any other ideas

    crates and weapons would be fixed by admins if possible, but if they refuse/cant do it for whatever reason i could sacrifice some of my spare time since i have alot of it to get shit into crates, because im guessing most people dont have the time / cant be arsed doing it themselves

    Im not sure how realistic this is , or if anyone would be up for it , feels like a 99% chance that something goes wrong or it just ends up as the biggest clusterfuck

    still , we might lure in enough ppl to make dayzero last a bit longer or atleast go out with a bang when theres still enough players to do something big.
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  2. Croc

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    How do you want do it? And why in most popular time/day to play when server is almost full?

  3. If Tansien/MDMS was up for the idea maybe they could change SE2 to DayZ Chermarus 1st or 3rd person for the day and have the server locked with a password that only those participating would have access to. Would take abit of work on Tansiens end and for MDMS or one of the other admins to spectate and organise.

    Maybe start a poll and see how many are actually interested and speak with the admins to see if they are open to the idea.
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  4. papsh

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    Population dropped a lot the last days so atm no event will happen.
  5. You know it would be nice to get a little get together. Globally announce truce for some period of time. Now ofc there is going to be a cunt or two who might start shooting so i wouldnt recommend taking top guns with you.
    But would be kinda nice....imo at least.
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  7. dayzero isnt dead stfu, ok i over reacted soz
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