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Do you agree?

  1. Yes, I confirm Zombies need a nerf

  2. No, they fine

  1. If you play smart, you can crouch run infront of a zombie that is 20-30m away and not agro. If the zombie is not facing you, you can get even closer.

    You have to be aware of the detection and noise levels you are at. Dont run on pavement or gravel if there are zombies near by....and most of the time if you do this you are in town which has lots of building. You can use just two buildings to lose all the agro(write little S with the building corners), since you are in a city or village this should not be a problem. Same goes to forests, bit harder tho.
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  2. thanks for the tip, we are all new to dayz
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  3. rotunde

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    I'm quite OK with the zeds, but I hate the amount of them. Fight with your squad in Stary and you are basically doomed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but right now 1 Player spawns 100% of the zeds, 2 Players spawn 200% of the zeds and so on, right? How about we change it into a degressive model instead of a linear one, i.e. 1 player = 100%, 2 players = 175%, 3 Players 225%. That might fix some of the issues we face now.
  4. I can make you a damn video if you desire.
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  5. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    Game is initially about zombies and you want to nerf them? they need a damage boost at very least
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  6. Yeah I agree, you guys are complaining that they are annoying, thats because they are meant to be!
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  7. DaCrazyCageMan

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    Honestly the problem for me with the zombies is that on every hit they pretty much break your arms and make you bleed, I'd rather take a larger damage hit as a tradeoff for this as they are in fact weak as fuck in comparison to what they once were. I'd take that trade off any day, as shooting people after being hit by a few zeds (without using morphine) would be a miracle.
    Zombies are annoying because they're like synlias' dog with some special ability to miraculously break arms, rather than a wolf that would tear you apart, they're not perceived fearfully because they do little damage but then when they hit you its annoying because you're like "oh look... broken arms AGAIN!"
  8. FEAR

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    If wielding a melee on your back to use against zombies is being added, much of the unnecessary frustration will be remedied. For now I would suggest zombies should NOT be nerfed--if they don't hurt, they aren't doing their job.

    If melee wielding is added in the patch an actual buff might make more sense, so I think its best to reevaluate later.

    Personally I would like to see different tiers of zombies, with military zombies being the most challenging. In general, zombie attack speed (how fast they hit) could possibly be slowed down, and their damage increased accordingly. If the attack speed is slowed, there would be an opportunity to hit first.. but if we miss our chance we pay the price, possibly with damage/chances of negative effects increasing with each subsequent hit.

    Also throwing things like flares and cans could aggro zombies away from a player (to clear a path) if they are not already aggroed on something else.

    Zombies are very important, but the tricky thing about taking suggestions on how to balance them is that we aren't supposed to like them :p
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  9. Isnt this already a thing tho? I rarely use cans but smokes work hela effectively.
  10. Zurnak

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    Hello, Dayzero community!

    Sorry for my bad English. I hope u will understand my post.

    I have been playing on Dayzero for 3 years i think. So i have dealt with all zeds: Good old strong zombies, buffed zombies, nerfed zombies and nowadays zombies.
    In last few months they are strange, i mean they are more annoying than ever. Too much aggro range and probably there are too many of them. I Know Tansien said he will find out about bugs in the code (Any updates on that?) and i hope there are will be some.

    Ok, pretend the bugs are fixed or even they are not exists. I think zombie nerf is still needed. It shouldn't be nerfed to the vanilla mod level of course, 10-15% of overall power are enough. Personally, i think chances of some effects caused by zombies are way too high,
    I mean random chance they make you to lose consciousness when you are at ~60%hp (It's rare but it happens), or make your hands broken too often. Sometimes it's really annoying and bring too much RNG to the game.

    To people who don't want the nerf:
    First. When you describe Dayzero to your friends for example. Do you tell them that there are most broken weapons are deleted, damage of weapons is more balanced than in vanilla mode, weapons has awesome sounds, overall balance of weapons and vehicle is very well and hardcore, a lot of skill players and squads and not vegetable zombies.
    Or u tell them about nice hardcore and fun PvE because hard zombies? Let's be real, they are not that hard to give us true interesting survival feels.
    Second. In current state of the mode it needs more people. This nerf together with new patch may attract new players and bring back old guys who was annoyed by zombies.
    When new patch comes out, would be nice if Tansien will send emails again and point out about zombie fix/nerf (If they are will be fixed or nerfed of course)
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  11. rscl

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    I agree that broken arms bug (not appearing on player model or as icon but still hands shaking like mad) caused by most of the zombie hits is annoying as fuck. Same thing with random 1hit 1kill zeds doing to players from time to time (happend to me once with 100 blood) - this thign should be disabled for sure.
  12. NarkoZ

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    You perfectly right mate! :rolleyes:
  13. I have not got. It is realy hard to kill a crowd of zombies at open space. Just do not try it, that is all. Use buildins with a through-passage to knock zombies off or any enter building to kill them. They movie very slow in buildings ...

    Playing a bit you will understand that zombies are not a problem, some times they are even helpful )
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  14. The zed speed is what needs to be capped to player speed - I just don't believe it's that hard to find and correct in code and it will not be a game breaking change.

    The typical bullshit that this causes:

    1) You and Your mate are running through a place with zombies, You are behind, the zombie aggroes to the person in front, the zombie speeds up to catch him and hits You from behind whilst running by You.

    2) Zombies can catch up to players and run after You for miles if You don't know how to lose them. I am still a relatively new player (n00bzorz), but have played for a while and it still causes problems for me as they tend to reaggro.

    In short, You can buff damage and spawn rate of zombies, but their speed is got to go ihmo (just my personal experience).
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  15. 1) Dont run in a line. Should be easy enough.

    2) Use cover. The zombie agroes to the point where it has last seen you. You turn after a tree/bush it goes there and agroes to you again if sees you, so use another tree/bush/what ever cover and so you lose the agro quite easily. Dont just run away, use visual blocks.

    Tip: If you have silenced weapon(or dont care), try shooting zombies in a knee. Crawling zombies are easy to run away from + easier to shoot the knee than the head. Also wont alarm other people that there certainly are player around. Dead zombie = 100% chance, Crawling zombie = maybe? Unless spotted far away ofc
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  16. While I want to say thank You for the advice - I wasn't looking for any. I am well aware of all what You said.

    We are talking about improving gameplay not looking for known workarounds :\ .
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