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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rscl, 2016-03-14.

  1. papsh

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    The thing you say rscl cannot change im afraid. It will heal some frustration yes, but it will create other more serious problems.
  2. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    ok, understand.
  3. shadybh

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  4. Predatory Clown

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    Agreed, think of those additional bandages and painkillers. Some of us have donated for that extra bandage you know.
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  5. Nautique

    Nautique Scavenger Leaderboard

    It's supposed to be frustrating to die! I mean, c'mon.. That's what makes this mod. Even if that means you have to waste your time killing yourself..
  6. best spawn in game easy
  7. FEAR

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    I have another suggestion, I think it provides a more ideal solution to the problem of repeated suicide to get back to your body, without causing the very real brokenness that is having to kill the same person who uses spawn selection to repeatedly spawn into the potential combat area.

    What I suggest is the if you die, you lose your gear, unless one or more players are within a 2k radius from you when you died--if possible to implement. I also suggest that each player can only have one dead body on the map at a time--if no other player is within draw distance of the body. I've also seen hardcore servers implement spawn/login limits with a ticket system that increases wait time if your respawn intervals are abnormally high. I think these suggestions may help with increasing value of staying alive, and removing the frustrating respawn "minigame" that we know all too well.
  8. @FEAR Hate to break it to you but asking for these big suggestions is pointless
  9. There's a very fine line between improving and destroying in regards to gameplay.
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  10. The only annoying spawnpoints are Three Valleys and Krutoy Cap (depending on how far away from the lighthouse you spawn) I think only removing them would be an improvement, atleast to my anger issues :>
  11. I've read this entire thread, and I do realise some of the issues you might have with spawning somewhere you don't really want to spawn. It's frustrating, you want to strangle somebody etc.

    In my opinion it's one of many things in DayZ(ero) I just love to hate.
    DayZ is full of small annoyances, but they've all grown on me - and I've played several different mods who advertise better gamleplay because they've removed alot of these factors, like spawning somewhere completely random and completely off somewhere - and I've stopped playing and never looked back on it.

    And this doesn't just cover 'spawn selection', because even suggesting something that fucking ludacris should be a bannable offense everywhere, but removing some spawns is also a fucking hell-no. I support those who mean that they contribute to better gameplay, because they absolutely do.
    Those annoying spawns keeps people away from the north for a longer period of time.

    Tldr; No.
  12. Choosing spawns would be fail:

    a) There will always be fags that camp such spawn points and kill freshies (try Arma III Exile);

    b) You will always choose the closest spawns to north and run there, which will make the game a bit repetitive and boring.

    I think there could be an option that could satisfy both sides, but I am not sure how hard it is to implement.

    How about making the Respawn button active even if You are healthy (no broken legs) and keep a 30 second cooldown before next spawn.

    Standalone had something similar if I am not mistaken.

    The annoyance is only that You have to run for 5 minutes to die :\ (there is a spawn or two that have this issue).
  13. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    at least allow to respawn on demand (without a need of broken bones)
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  14. linkinpunk

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    I see!!!
    Next time request repackable bike....
    Oh no! Stop casual to DayZero.
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  15. just so you know there are points at every bit in the coast to die on, some of course are easier than others. There is a rock and a tree 50m from the sign post. (there's only one rock right next to a tree) if you sprint at it and go prone between the rock and the tree whilst swaying the mouse around your legs will break. the furthest re spawn location in dayzero is never far. Just have to be a nerd and find the glitches. I cant think of anywhere else that doesn't have a ladder, gates and zombies within a 1 min run.
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  16. >game about surviving
    >everyone killing themselves one minute after spawn
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