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  1. Hello everybody!

    I have been thinking about the success of PU battle royale. I think dayzero does everything in terms of PVP as well as if not better than BR. BR is of course newer and such, but has a huge player base. I believe that if zombies.nu offered a better leader board system than it currently does we would see a high player retention of both new and old players.

    Please can we see a better version of the leaderboards as the current ones arn't exactly useful or interesting. Perhaps a season systrem would be fun? or a Kill to death that didnt change when u died?


    Ponto (the beast)
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  2. FEAR

    FEAR Scavenger Leaderboard

    When I checked out the leaderboards I was expecting there to be something similar to what Europa used to have (its offline ATM) showing persistent stats per GUID, including kill/death ratio. I don't really understand the point system of the current leaderboard, or how its possible for 2 people to get different points for the same thing (1 bandit kill, for example.) US434 had a good per-life leaderboard (also offline atm,) where you could search player names for stats on kills, humanity, and time survived.

    The current leaderboard looks sleek, but its not that interesting. As for the idea of keeping persistent stats: I'm certainly not excited to see my K/D ratio, as the majority of my deaths are due to glitchy collision damage and suicides, and I worry some people will be tempted to quit while their ahead and not play due to fear of losing their streak--but a persistent leaderboard could also encourage people to play smarter.
  3. (ponto hype)
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  4. would be cool to see me number juan, indeed

    with hacks ofc

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