Little Bird wont accept scrap metal to repair avionics or fight control

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tanner, 2016-03-07.

  1. title says it all, the only parts that are damaged are those 2 and it wont let me repair them with scrap metal. What should I do?
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  2. rotunde

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    avionics/flight controls share the same skin/texture as scrap metal but are completely separate items. You can find them only at helicopter crash-sites and they are quite rare. It is not needed to operate a helicopter though, so you can ignore it. Scrap metal as far as I know is only used for the hull on the huey/mi.
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  3. You also need scrap for the hull of the little bird. But as rotunde said, there is no need to fix avionics/flight system.
    We used a lot of choppers and never fixed it, i´m not even sure if it has any effect if you do so
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  4. found heli at balota last night, needed new tail rotor, found scrap and main rotor, heli managed to eat up the main rotor and the scrap didnt work for tail rotor.

    its like a new world for me
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  5. Croc

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    Need 2x rotor guys.

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