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Discussion in 'General' started by rosstapha, 2016-03-06.

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  3. switching to epoch bye
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  4. That was me you were trying to kill there man. I was so shocked how many times you missed me there. Very strange bug.

    When i started shooting back at you at 1:01 i had the same problem, the corpse was just soaking all the bullets.

    I'm sorry man but no idea why that happened.
  5. play my video with this in background!
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    I think he might had his gun on the ground and you were hitting the model of the gun and later you missed when he picked it up. or maybe hit him once by the look of it.
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  7. just one question? why were you just sat there? not reacting other than that i dont think you are hacking / glitching!
  8. Dude i was at 20% trying to pick up my gun again, he started attacking me when i was sorting the corpse and i had hatchet out to kill a zombie, then he started shooting at me and i was like, fuck it kill me.
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    This video alone made this whole ordeal worth it imo, thank you! :-D
  10. wow, okay... sorry for accusing you in the video, at the time i was a little mad. now i see its a freak accident / bug and you wern't abusing it
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    Wish I could hear you shouting that in direct while its all happening.
    In fact...... this should have been edited in
  12. They really need to fix this, i really had the mindset there "alright i will respawn in a few seconds"....
  13. Dont worry about it, would be mad as hell too in this situation, i'm really sorry man.
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  15. Mabye this helps the admins recreate what happened there, so i will write down what i was doing there.

    I moved to the dead guy and went prone, checked the corpse. While being prone a zombie adds on me and i put my gun (AKM PSO) on the corpse of the dead guy, took out my hatchet and killed the zombie. At that time i took the first shot. I moved arround trying to get my gun back from the corpse, he kept shooting at me. By the time i got my gun back, i instantly return fire, but something absorbs the bullets. After rolling a few meters away from the corpse
    i could finaly start landing some shots and manage to kill him.

    No idea if that helps, but we have to start somewhere.
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  16. Here ive done it for u

  17. obviously missed..
  18. I cannot be triggered try harder
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  19. Happens with me the same.. I had a CZ and aimed on a Running Target like 300-400 Meters near Mogilevka. I saw 2x Confrimed Chest/Body Shoots on him while he was running and running.. until i dont had no more Bullets left.. so i dont think so its a "Corps bug". Only thing what i can say is when you kill a Zed/Zombie they have like a shield like 3-4 Seconds after that you ran over them. Maybe the zombie saves your life.
  20. i say we let detective ignak find the cause for this

    im sure he will find it within a day

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