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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by havOkz, 2016-02-27.

  1. havOkz

    havOkz Come at me Leaderboard

    So yea, used to play dayzero very frequently a few years ago. For those that played back then I used to play with nightmarzee, f1xxR and sam. Just came back to the mod after the email about getting rolling patches etc again. Looking for some people to join up with! bants but some good gameplay. hit me uppp! see you in the field.
  2. havOkz

    havOkz Come at me Leaderboard

    No-one looking for a teammate? Guess ill be playing solo....
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  3. johnlex

    johnlex Scavenger Leaderboard

    I'll join you. :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D I'm new to DayZero, but I played a lot of origins.

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