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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by DMiT, 2016-02-24.

  1. DMiT

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    Some of you may know me/my DayZero videos, some of you won't.

    For those who don't - I used to make DayZero Sqaudplay videos. Most notable was probably this:

    Seeing as SE1 seems to have gained popularity after the latest patch and the Mod gaining a bit of momentum again I've decide to start playing again (even though I'm terrible :p) and to stream most of the time I'm online!

    Right now the stream will probably just be lonewolf as I'm getting back into Chernarus so I'm using the chance to also help out anyone who is new the Mod! I've seen quite a few people whitelist over the last couple days and the DayZero adventure can be an extremely dangerous one.

    So if you're new to the Mod, a veteran who likes to watch a scrub get rekt, some of the ol' gang or just like to watch DayZero instead of stand alone then I hopefully will be the answer :) ! I aim to show it's possible to lone wolf (so gameplay will be pretty serious/try hard?) and also attempt to interact with chat as often as possible.

    Monday: 6/7pm - 10/11pm GMT

    Wednesday: 6/7pm - 10/11pm GMT

    Friday: 6/7pm - 10/11pm GMT

    Sunday: 12pm - ??? GMT

    I'll be streaming tonight @ 20:00/20:30GMT over at:

    If you could bare with me during this first stream, as I'll be getting comfotable and setting it all up.
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  3. DMiT

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  4. Flame81

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    Nice with a "old" comeback!
  5. DMiT

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    Sup man :-D Haven't seen you about in ages!

    Also bump thread: I will be streaming tonight 6/7pm - 11pm GMT !
  6. papsh

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    Welcome back Dmit.!
  7. DMiT

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    @Tansien what have u done.

    Good to be back man, look forward to dieing to you countless times again :)
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