Axe with main weapon(on back)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by carter3214, 2016-02-23.

  1. carter3214

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    I am interesting about 1 question.
    Is it possible to take axe in hands and put weapon on back,like it was before,or its already fixed,and u need to drop weapon on ground,and after that take an axe.?
    Cus i could not take an axe with main weapon in hand( Game told that:"There is no free space in your inventory")
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  2. mdms

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    You have to free your hands (rifle slot) before you can wield an axe, machete or crowbar.

    We are considering adding a seperate weapon slot for melee weapons, but the VR engine does not actually support that at all. It would require despawning and spawning your main weapon. Which will cause a lot of issues regarding ammo, desync and weapon duplication.
  3. carter3214

    carter3214 Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    OK.Ty for u response
  4. Is that how vanilla dayz does it? Despawning then respawning weapons?

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