Idea to make the gap between south freshies and north geared up guys smaller.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rscl, 2016-02-07.

  1. shadybh

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    as an experienced hunting redneck, the cz should be a .243 or .270 caliber gun - so whatever that damage is
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  2. Remove it from the game completely, people should fight like men close quarter.
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  3. mdms

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    The stock that we have ingame seems to be the CZ-550 AMERICAN variant. The CZ-550 AMERICAN with with fixed 5Rnd magazine is chambered with a .270 Winchester (6.9x64). That would be around 7000 damage when compared to 7.62x51 (8000dmg) and 7.62x39 (and short barrel) (4500dmg) I would guess.

    That seems to be the common consensus in big squads. But we have make decisions that keep the server population afloat.
  4. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    What with hidding the bodies? Maybe make it impossible to test how it will works and we will see results after 1 month. To do not spam the server make them dissapear after 30-40 min.
  5. Imo the m24 should be better considering you can find the cz in cherno.
    The m24 drops at crashes and the Airfield.

    How about buffing the m24 abit?
    Cause its like whenever i kill someone that has a m24 i never pick it up because cz ammo is much more common.
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  6. mdms

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    I'm sorry. What?
    M24 has double zoom. M24 ammo is very common at oil rigs.
  7. Croc

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    Can You make impossible to hide bodies? Will help a lot to balance fight by lonewolfs and small groups vs big one.
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  8. mdms

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    No. That would just make a lot of load and desync on the server. We have actually needed to make the bodies disappear faster to tune down the desync. Zombies and wrecks are already on a really fast garbage collection. We would need to quicken the player bodies disappearing too, but that would have too much of an impact on PVP gameplay.
  9. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Thats why I wrote :" To do not desynch the server make them dissapear after 30-40 min."
  10. SANT1

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    Is there actually no difference? Like damage drop off over distance or something like that?
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  11. I think the cz spawn is good. There are loads of CZs though. If you were to lower it, I would suggest upping the enfield spawn rate to help balance it. Otherwise its going to be winnies vs m4acogs ect.
  12. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    Nerfing CZ as a weapon would be a huge mistake in my opinion. (again - it would be nerfing a weapon which is ATM the only tool to even the ground between South and North)
    About spawning chance, of CZ - I hope devs will make their decisions based on data from logs - not some subjective random voices of just few ppl on forum. (Whos some of them has specific interest in decreasing CZ spawn rate - big squads)

    What is IMO worth considering is to change m24 ammo spawn rate/spawn places to make it more common.
    ATM for loners and small groups ammo for m24 is pretty much rare so even if they have this BIG luck to find this weapon somehow - in most cases they would still stick with CZ cause ammo for it is a lot more common - and its like reasonable assumption that you can obtain CZ ammo from some places or enemy bodies - you cant tell the same about m24.
    Yes - m24 clips are spawnings on oil rings - but again who are in most cases in posession of choppers to actually loot the oil rigs ? - big squads, for sure not some loners all some small groups.
  13. statistics can be misleading! think of all the people that run up and don't even look around! knowledge must be applied to data to make it useful information! One would be stupid to ignore "subjective random voices"! everyone is subjective or biased to some degree! I have used 6 ! in this, I must be angry! fuck 7
  14. In my opinion CZ is really common even now, I find one really often when I run up. You just need to check the right kind of barns. I think some people are trying to look them for in the big brown ones or the big white ones which do not even spawn them anymore. AFAIK they only spawn in 1 door barn, red roof barn, castles and deerstands.
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  15. Predatory Clown

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    Thats some mighty conspiracy theorycrafting. I play in a group, and I like to find CZ's as I run up. However if you play and search the correct barns on the route North you can easily find a CZ. Their current spawn rate seems pretty good if not high currently. If anything I find more CZ's since the patch then before.

    The addition of Scoped AK variants spawning however is a fantastic addition, I enjoy these guns, and they will make looting the coast more worthwhile.

    Edit for teemeh
    Cherno has 3 Apex barns from prig to it, the highest number in such a small area. CZ's are extremely common in these barns. I cant imagine anyone agreeing with these being a bad spawn.
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  16. temeeh

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    cherno/prigo spawn shit-tier nowdays :rolleyes: deerstands are gold now..

    E: (and 1001 other players so barns are full axe/crossbow shit)
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  17. Then spawn somewhere else and stop respawning till you are between Komarovo and Prig.

    In my opinion we should not reduce the spawns of CZ's, but perhaps the dmg. There should be no reason to prefer the CZ more than a M24, when you´re up north.
    How about increase the spawn of M24 Ammo on the Airfield or APC Wrecks? Then you give highgeared squads a reason to enter the airfield or go close to APC Wrecks, instead giving them a constant amount of CZ ammo brought by freshspawns.
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  18. Good thinking METZGER CZ shouldnt be more valuable than m24.
  19. @mdms make it possible to put brc cco scope on the mk48.
    Gives us more variety. > would be epic to see that gun again.

    And I have also seen that in Vanilla they have CCO scopes for the FN FAL. > Would be epic to see that gun back aswell.
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  20. Make it possible to use the rpk47 75 round drums in the akm,ak47 and the ak103 :cool:

    All stanag variants can use the beta c 100 round mag so why cant the ak have some fun aswell :-(
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