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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rosstapha, 2016-01-27.


Should there be an enforced limit to the number of players in one squad?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Nevertheless, whenever other squads with 3-4 people in start kicking one or two members of their own, and reasoning the kick with "we're too many", I'll split our squad. Not until then.

    What you're saying is essentially that we should kick people from our main squad, or just split up. Well, sorry to break it down to you, it ain't that easy. I sure as hell wont deny people from playing with me/us. Nobody in our current roster will willingly split up (if we're not cancerous many, ~10) and since that is the case, then that wont happen. So, again, as a sign of good faith, haters, split your own group up and see how that feels.

    Au revoir.
  2. splitting in two doesn't mean you don't ever talk to them again, you could even mix it up a bit. Do you not get bored?
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  4. Not at all. Hence why I still play in the group.
  5. Nahkiss

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    There's just no way anybody (in the admin team) would start keeping track of how many people are in a squad together and there's just absolutely no way to enforce this. This isn't a solution to anything.
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  6. I guess good faith is out of the question!!
  7. Its funny that especially you are talking about good faith... Hypocrite.
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  8. how about we all just go back to shooting each other instead of this? :) pls
  9. amen
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  10. To conclude... Thanks for your input and feedback. see you all on SE1 [​IMG]
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  11. SoFloAntonio? Kappa
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Croc

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    Solution is to make impossible to hide bodies... I this case fres spawner will be able to pick up some stuff and join the fight instead of run 1.5h to gear up then die from 10 man squad again. Big squads are geared up anyway and nobody have chances in fight with them with lee enfield or ak. They hiding bodies because they are scared that someone can kill them. No other reason. They feeling immortal in big, geared group vs 1-2 freshspawners who leaveing game after 1,2,3,(xxxx) fresh death on north.
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  14. I AGREE. now let us be done.

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