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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rosstapha, 2016-01-27.


Should there be an enforced limit to the number of players in one squad?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. So new players are struggling in DayZero as the standard of play is a step up in terms of general ability and squads. The surge of new players from the patch is fading and I think it's the difficulty of the mod. I'd like to see how many players would like to see a limit to the number of players in a squad. (Lets say maximum of 6 for now) ---- Just a consensus, I'm not demanding change!
  2. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Would be nice for a while, still hard to enforce and keep track..

    Hmm, guess who voted no :cool:
  3. I dont know, the admins are pretty good at that sort of thing. plus it wouldn't be too hard to spot. This post is more of a way of finding out if people care. It's up to the admins if they think it will help keep players involved.
  4. Np np we will just split to 3, 6 man squads like we did today. You know this is imbossible and your imagination is going wild as heck with the squad sizes lol (not sure what has happened the past 2 weeks when i wasnt here). With this you would also force people to stop playing this game for a good example the Finns, that was at the wipe around 10. Cant see you crying about their squad size?

    The thing is that we have loads of people that have played together but that doesn't say we all do it still. Hoarders have played as a complete different squad except Traxin. Admin/Admins can verify this also by looking the map and posting some stuff that we have killed each others in fights, since we are 2 separate squads. There the difference is that those are the only fights our bodies won't get hidden but all the good stuff will be gone ofc.

    I can understand your point where you are getting with this but just for once think things through a bit. The thing that is hurting the community more are these completely blatant forum posts and threads about forcing stuff like this and that. Even the NEW players may read the forums and see 90% of posts are either trolling, calling someone bad or 2014 scrub. <- Wont give a good first impression about this community aye?

    Just think about these things for once, in the end you will think me as the guy that cant play without a ' big squad ' and you will most likely dislike me even more now. Just pasting some old stuff in here. I just want to point out that I dont think i'm a good player by any means. xD

    Why all of this happens every single time when a squad loses to other squad 2-3 times in a row and they magically lose all the hope and need to make excuses. Gosh guys this game is still alot about luck. PLUS we play like total dongs and have been wiped countless of times by speznas, rawry & the boys even we've had 2-3 players more.

    No hate towards anyone or bad, opinions are free, just wanted to point out some stuff that actually hurts the community more than ' big squads ' <-- btw we were 6 today so we played by the rules?

    PS. Yep i dont even know why i wrote this cuz this will end up on more useless and boring drama but hope you atleast think for a second what i mentioned over here.

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  5. that kind of feedback was the purpose of the post, thanks. I don't have the luxury of knowing exactly who's in who's squad at a given time. However I do know its getting ridiculous recently. This mod will die sooner than necessary if new players give up after a week or so. I don't blame them either. Also I think this thread will be beneficial to the representation of forums. It shows people give a shit, I just wanted to get a discussion going.

    3 six man squads is mental. that's a small platoon mate! I'm speculating you have some form of coms between you all, which is an impressive organisational structure. But its killing the game. If you fight each other then of course I guess that would be fine.
  6. This thread is nice so far, let's wait until tomorrow m8. I understand it's hard to know who plays with who nowdays and the first thing that will be pointed out is the numbers which is cool. I just made the post to give some intel from the dark side also and to share my opinion. I could start to make a leftovers diary where i would write the amount of people that we played and a small story about our adventure. Maybe with this accusations about the 17 man squad would be finally proven wrong. Telling false stuff like that will always end up having effect on some players.

    As from my perspective i can say 5-6 is the best amount to play ( And alot easier! ) if you know the people you play with. 7 is somewhat chaotic but decent and 8+ is just a mental breakdown from me atleast. <-- can be seen from jolietos old vod where i played for like half an hour. :-D Playing with Jolieto is also fine as long as you have him muted in teamspeak XD <3
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  7. after reading your posts im less against it now than before, but I still think it's causing issues. Especially on a half full server. It's really hard to get back up north with semi good gear and have a fighting chance after a death. Hiding bodies exacerbates this big time.

    also if this thread goes cancerous then I'm done with the forums.
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  8. Agreed on that, hiding bodies is a pain and it became somewhat more popular again when one squad hopped in again after a break atleast feels like it, didnt hide your bodies today tho i just want to point it out. Plus we know after a wipe that there is no point running back there since they will be hidden.( Can understand why) I also want to point out that alot of us do gearing up during night when the server has like 1-3 players on which is a privilege for a nerd/nolifer/vampire to do. During this wipe we have played alot more than some others, so we have ' better ' gear to begin with. At one point it stacks and soon its all gone again. I agree that wiping a 6-7 man squad with saw acogs, m21:s etc isn't as easy. But when it happens it's alot more rewarding, and eventually in this game it will happen. :-D
  9. Pedor

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    Let people play how they want. As Banjo said, playing with too many people in TS/mumble/whatever can be pretty damn frustrating.
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  10. Because the community's so small I think limiting the squad sizes will be a bad thing, but I do agree it ruins the game and I know people who literally won't log on if hoarders are playing.
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  11. It will be very hard to accomplish a limited squad size . In my opinion hiding bodies is the bigger problem, especially for lonewolfs and small squads. It's very annoying that you can't get some gear back or even the studies of people you kill :-(. I would suggest to make hiding bodies more difficult. For example a longer animation time and some kind of tool. Without this tool you shouldn't be able to hide bodies at all.
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  12. I just think the large squads should split up a bit. Maybe they already do but it doesn't feel like it. I'd love to see an anti body hiding movement though XD... Rich get richer poor get poorer
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  13. I don't know to be honest. This all seems like salt to me, no offense. Yes, I know that bigger squads wont lose a fight to a small squad, yada yada [..]

    But enforcing you to split with some of your best friends will just be sad if you ask me. I remember back in 2013, when there were way bigger squads than there are currently, I personally had no problem playing in a 2-3 man squad. Meeting bigger squads is one of the best experience I've ever had. It helped me improve my situation handlings etc.

    In my opinion, this should be a -no-.
  14. it is fun fighting big squads. When you have gear it is. Once the bodies get hidden or despawn it's not so much fun. Run up kill one guy, die repeat. Also in theory I get that having a large squad is a cluster fuck. But only to a certain degree does it make it easier for the other squads. Eventually, and because (despite what most people like to assume) hoarders and leftovers arnt shit, they eventually surround and destroy. The server pop isn't high enough for a 6 man or more squad.

    Splitting up into groups of 6 or less and fighting each other would be way more fun for everyone, especially you guys in the large groups.heating a 6v6 in the distance is one of the best moments in dayzero.
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    edit: pls im to bad to gear up again
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  16. shadybh

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    get a bigger squad to compete... if you don't want to, then play smarter

    easy for me to say, i don't even play anymore

    #stopthecrying #bhstandsforbodyhider
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  17. Takes less than 1hour to get l85 acog and coyote with a 2man squad, maybe that doesnt work for newbies but 90% of the time i dont hide a body i get shot in the back by that exact weapon.

    Dont limit squadsizes, there are only 2 squads on the server with a larger number than 6 and it sucks splitting a group of friends...
    Those 2 squads can atleast try and not invite more ppl to join tho. Its far from impossible to win a 3v8 but you have to play it smart and dont fight with stupid positioning.

    #hideeverything #killeveryone #ifyoudieyoustartover #playsmarter
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  18. nice to see most of the people who are against the idea are the ones in larger squads!

    Also nice Salt comment by Julieto top KEK mate !!!
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    Alright, let me put it certain terms. We are usually 5-7 people. Occasionally more, frequently less. I am never going to tell a mate he isnt welcome to join to play with us because random people on the forum get upset about numbers. At the end of the day this is a game, and the people you play with are far more important then those you dont.

    If you are going to jump to conclusions based on the player list who is playing in what squad I cannot stop you, but nothing is going to change who is welcome to play in a group.
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    We all know this thread was going to derail from the start.
    Keep this thread constructive instead of bashing each other like there is no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow!
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