New Camo Building

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreadd, 2016-01-26.

  1. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    Great! removing the stairs railings for sure will solve the problem IMO :]
  2. Zac

    Zac 3D Artist Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    I hope you guys are all enjoying the new building, I've been a little busy recently as I'm looking to find a new house & move, so I'll try to keep on top with ongoing requests. The new stairs geometry I think I missed from the latest patch so I'll queue it up. I'm working on testing and fixing some last errors for the new ATC so hopefully this should get done soon :)
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  3. Zac

    Zac 3D Artist Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    Sorry for the double post but I thought you guys might like to see a few pics.


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  4. looks amazing
  5. Zac

    Zac 3D Artist Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    I've pushed the new building now ready for the next patch. I'm not sure when that may be. It still needs a little work and my inspiration ran out for some new models so It's another office type building for the moment. For now, I think the focus is on giving new areas to explore and take cover and return fire from.

    Hopefully there won't be any massive issues with this one, since it already existed and I just added a few rooms :)
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  6. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    ATC I assume ? ;]
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