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Discussion in 'General' started by Dreadd, 2016-01-26.

  1. its awesome! its actually unbelievable how good it looks, great job!!! just like with cherno town hall and green mountain radio tower (among others) you managed to make it look soooo good again <3

    but having a changed camo building is probably bigger just because we will be spending a lot more time in this building. I didnt even get the chance to figure out all the different ways you can enter/leave it, because i got into a fight right after arriving there for the first time, but it seems really thought through, you cant just camp it as easily anymore, which could actually make fighting in and around this building a great and fun experience - yay!

    seeing this just gives me a feeling of how much this mod could still improve :>

    keep it up!!!
  2. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

  3. ConnorG

    ConnorG Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Sorry for killing you dreadd, but you're teammate got me afterwards anyway xD I agree the new camo building looks so good, So many more entrances / angles to keep an eye out for.
    Bet you didnt expect me to be above you eh? :p
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  4. Great job, Zac!:-D
    Edit: I just found out u could climb on the roof so I climbed up and died to a camper.
    Last edited: 2016-01-27
  5. outplayed :oops:

    in fact it was like you were sent by the admins to demonstrate the new possibilites of interior fighting, very insightful, thanks :-D
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  6. ConnorG

    ConnorG Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Haha, just testing the new building myself, suprised i was able to get above you to do it tbh, i always get greedy and have to go for more instead of escaping with the gear... :-D ggwp though
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  7. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    The new camo building is 10 times better than the old one. really good job ZAc !
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  8. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    all camo buildings across the map has been changed or only some in specific spots ?
  9. SANT1

    SANT1 Bang Bang Leaderboard

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  10. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    very cool building indeed!

    anything more was added with 1.4.9 patch ?

    Black Forest base ?
  11. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Not yet, that will come in 1.5.0.

    This patch was mostly bug and exploit fixes. Along with the new "Camo" building and changes in the server code.

    Also the firestation lost one window to make the roof access more easier and less of an exploit.
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  12. I dont like it....
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  13. vasek

    vasek Scavenger Leaderboard

    Good job......what next?)))may be air control tower??
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  14. Zac

    Zac 3D Artist Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    Good to see that everyone is liking the building, depending on player feedback we can always fix some things in this version too.
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  15. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    character is getting stucked/blocked while trying to crouch strafe with aimed in gun on the staircase going from upper floor to ground lever - while pointed in gun (right click) for some potential thread at ground level - gettings blocked/stucked by stairs railings

    (why crounch strafe ? - only option to actually see anything on that lower floor, same attemp with "standing" streight results in seeing shit there)
  16. Zac

    Zac 3D Artist Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    I think I know what you are referring to there, the staircase I used from the ATC so I assumed the width was okay (i knew its too small to crawl around on but thats okay)

    I'll test it in the editor tonight and see if I can replicate your issue.
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  17. its sooo preeetyyyy. devs at > bohemia dayzteam
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  18. zac > jesus
  19. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    managed to visit the new camo for the first time today, and it's sick!

    Great job, man.
  20. Zac

    Zac 3D Artist Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    I see what you mean there, i think its the railings. I didn't spend too much time on them (no proper texture) as I always thought that area was too small. I can't re-render the entire building to extend the stairs yet, its a waste of time for such a small area so I'll remove the railings on the stairs for the moment so that players can get around them more freely. When the building hits its final version I'll give the stairs a bit more room and re-add the railings.

    Thanks :)
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