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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Bishop87, 2016-01-21.

  1. Bishop87

    Bishop87 Scavenger Leaderboard

    Would the admins be interested in starting a DayZero official Discord server? I find it much more convenient than IRC, has both text and voice chat and you can create voice chat rooms (so players can party up and use them), there's also a recently added ingame overlay function (haven't tested it myself yet). You can set up which permissions admins, mods and members have respectively. It's completely free of course and it takes about two minutes to set it up. You can use it with your browser and there's also a standalone app.

    p.s. sorry about the spelling mistake in the title, could a mod please correct it?
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  2. Bishop87

    Bishop87 Scavenger Leaderboard

    Seems there are people interested. I created a server and set it up, if the admins/mods are interested please contact me (so i can transfer all of the server control and permissions to them). For anyone else if you want to join click the link below, you can download the official standalone app from the Discord site or use your web browser whichever you prefer, it also works on smartphones. I also recommend running he app in administrator mode (right click -> run as administrator) otherwise sometimes the push-to-talk button doesn't work.

    The server is completely free, hosted by Discord. The admins/mods could also promote it in the game with a server wide message every so often (like the one promoting the forums/leader board).

    I will also report my post in case this is against server rules or if simply the admins/mods don't want this type of thing on their server (in which case I apologize in advance).
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  3. Nahkiss

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    Well I guess somebody has to give this a blessing.

    I don't think anyone minds if you want to run this discord group, but I wouldn't make in official (or unofficial for that matter). Something official should include members of the admin team and I'm pretty sure nobody wants to be anywhere where they can be reached so easily by the community members. This is for various reasons, but mostly that because we do this our own spare time and everybody likes to spend as much time on it as they feel like. Sitting on some "official" discord server would mean we'd be asked for support and help on times when we really don't feel like dealing with that stuff.

    We've been asked for official voip servers before and I'm pretty sure there was some unofficial teamspeak server once run by a moderator, but even that wasn't advertised on in-game, so I don't think this really warrants for one either. Maybe at some point we can promote it on the page or with a sticky on somewhere. Wiki -page is totally fine too.
  4. Bishop87

    Bishop87 Scavenger Leaderboard

    Thanks for the answer. I believe this could have been a good way to bring the community closer together and grow it, however without official support and endorsement there's really no point in keeping the server up. Only a few people know about it, since it seems most never check forums after registering and whitelisting. I will be deleting the server shortly, thanks for taking the time to answer.
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