US server?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hellfrost, 2016-01-04.

  1. Blerp

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    Hello?!? Peep!?!? Is this donation coming or not, the children are dying over here
  2. no American company to host servers?
  3. Mspor

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    I really miss being able to play this mod. But with the high ping to the servers I can't. :-( What are the chances that after seeing the server nearly full some nights we can see an American server again?
  4. Maybe one of you americans should make a poll to find out HOW many americans would actually play actively.
    Fixing a new server with 10 people on would be stupid, no offense americanos
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  5. There's been a american server many times, but they always end up being empty :-( Really had fun on those couple of times. It really only takes finding someone to host the server, if you can find someone trustworthy to host one I bet Tansien would give it some thought

    PS: Im all up for boosting the murica server player base for a couple of days if it happens ;-) Only get like 100 ping there anyway
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  6. +1
  7. How many Americans would like the forum to a server? I am Brazilian but played in 5 guys all day

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