Combining mags - dissapearing

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jolieto, 2016-01-03.

  1. - Player name - camp 10 / leftovers Jolieto
    - Server name - SE1
    - Date and Time - Happened occasionally during the last four days.
    - What happened? What did you do? Did this happen multiple times? Combining my mags and they just vanish from my inventory. This has happened multiple times.
  2. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    What ammo have dissapeared?
  3. A variety of ammo. M249, DMR, STANAG, AK. Doesn't seem like it's one type of magazine only. Also seems to only happen to me. Not entirely sure. Haven't heard my teammates/other players having this issue.
  4. Also, it doesn't happen every time. Just randomly.
  5. Kojot

    Kojot Scavenger Leaderboard

    Happened to me today. Four cz550 clips dissapeared.
  6. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Could you PM me your %userprofile%\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\arma2OA.rpt file and the moment it happened in game, date, time, server, your Z.NU account name. Please do not use your ingame name.

    You can paste your rpt files to , select Paste Exposure: Unlisted and send me the link.
  7. I'll upload the RPT later on.
  8. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    experienced no such issue whatsoever
  9. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    i can confirm this. happend to me on stream a few days ago, had some stanag mags and one 20rd stanag. I combined all my half 30rds and they all dissapeared, left with only the 20rd.

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