Game crashed and teleported to coast

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Svendsen, 2015-12-23.

  1. Svendsen

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    I was on a bike by zeleno and game crashed. Lauched the game and spawned in still in zeleno but game crashed straight away. Restarted steam and now I spawned at elektro with my gear still. Happened around 21:30. Dont know if this can affect someone else or if it was just for me.

    The game froze and got a a window with this:
    "Application popup: ArmA2OA.exe - Programfeil : Unntaket unknown software exception (0xc0000094) oppstod i programmet på 0x00a01ae9.
    Klikk OK for å avslutte programmet"
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