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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Razor.dll, 2015-12-19.

  1. Razor.dll

    Razor.dll Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    First off I'm all for night time but I have noticed when the server begins to get "pitch black" after 7:00 PM Central time alot of people get off, I was thinking that pushing the time forward so that it doesn't get "pitch black" until around 11:00 PM Central time, or to make the night times "full moon" nights only, would really help :-D.
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  2. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    I don't know what is this time but if people getting off probobly it's too late in real life not because night time came. Actually time on server is very good and in my opinion shouldn't be changed on more daylight.

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  3. rscl

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    At first when I started to play DayZero I thought the more light time the better, after some time I realised that actually for the gameplay for many reasons night is best option - with proper graphic settings which as new player to DayZ in general I didnt initially knew how to set up.

    There are however those "moments" during the day/night cycle which demands some tweaking I believe.

    First is time aroung 18 GMT+1 server restart - sun slowly going behind horizont into dawn - in that time HDR are doing some bad tricks and ppl getting blinded a lot by the strange lighting.

    Second is problem mention by the author - deep night it sometimes getting pitch black that its unplayable.

    Would be perfect if devs could tweaks those problems somehow.
  4. Harbinger

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    Pitch black is playable, people should use flares, chemlights, flashlights, it would be so cool if everyone played at those times instead of the stupid full moon nights...
  6. Deranger

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    A lot of people go off when it gets dark because they are playing alone or in small groups that dont have the advantage of multiple sets of eyes to spot people with.

    Also turning up gamma just makes this game look trash, so i'm all for it being a bit lighter more often
  7. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Dissagree. Dark giving adventage to lonewolfs.
  8. Deranger

    Deranger Give me all the ammo Leaderboard

    You think so? I don't know. I lonewolfed a lot before and no matter how careful i was i would be more likely to die to groups roaming at night time than day time. Maybe that was down to my choice of routes tho, rather than groups spotting me..
  9. Make night not be so dark.

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