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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Artemis, 2012-10-19.

  1. Artemis

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    Before I joined this great servers, I was playing a while on "Survive DayZ", which in the fact is a "mod for the mod". The thing that I really enjoy, was rebalancing the backpack issue. The leading idea was starting without any backpack at all, and also reediting the size of them. I don't remember them all, but here are some of their ideas:
    • Czech Backpack looks bigger than - for example - Alice Pack. In "Survive DayZ" that lead to conclusion where "Czech" got more slots than "Alice", and it's more rare.
    • To recompensate starting without any backpack, the size of them all was changed to made them a little bigger - for example: Coyot Patrolpack got 10 slots now.
    I looking for your opinions, cheers!

    Answer to the discussion:

    At the beginning I would like to apologize for not too precise proposals. Also I understand concerns about breaking balance with already extisting and functioning backpack system. But I got a question, have any of us used Czech Vest Pouch? To be honest I used it once, after loosing my backpack in the middle of changing it to the better one, because of sniper fire.

    For those who are afraid of the changes, I present some of my ideas:
    • We could start a game without any backpack at all (just like on "Survive DayZ"), - this lead to the situation, when after starting a game, we need to find the new one.
    • The place of well known "Coyote Patrol Pack", can be changed by the "Czech Vest Pouch" (which is smaller), so it become our first backpack at the begging.​
    • Finding Coyote Patrol Pack would have similar role to finding "Czech Backpack" or "Assault Pack" as a next part of the game. (Which I getting everytime after my round in "Cherno"/"Electro")​
    • Because of the model design, smaller Alice Pack can retake stats and role of the Czech Backpack, so Czech Backpack would become second biggest backpack in the game.
  2. In my opinion there is no need for that....
  3. FearMe

    FearMe Hero

    It would make a lot more sense, I support this.
  4. Well bigger backpacks will make the game a lot more eazy for larg teams, because they can pick up the stuff from dead members and save it for them.....

    and this will lead to more highend weps cyrceling around....

    playing in a team is allready a very big advantage.
  5. FearMe

    FearMe Hero

    He means for example swapping ALICE and Czech, making Czech 20 slots and ALICE 16.
  6. yeah i understand, but he also want bigger backpacks in general (look his point 2) ^^

    with patrol pack u will allready be able to transport 2 primery weps.
  7. Corvax

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    It is a fine change that fits survivedayz well, especially because you constantly pickup wirefencing/Tanktrap/sandbag/wood/netting so you can build stuff in the mod, but given that dayz is a game where you a pressed on resources and constantly have to choose the right amount of food/drink/ammo/medical supplies to carry so you dont have to little of anything, this change imo doesent fit the normal dayz at all.
  8. Corvax

    Corvax Ace Pilot Leaderboard

    Just wanna mention, that even the patrol pack in survivedayzmod isnt that easy to get and you will most likely be running into a possible death just to pick it up if early on.
  9. Jonzhd

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    1 primary weapon is 10 slots, so no you wouldn't?
  10. 1 gun in backpack and one in your hands....

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