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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by fletch, 2015-08-08.

  1. So.. Considering there is patch "soon" I thought it might be a good time to add something more to the loot table!
    How about you make it possible to put CCO on the M249/MkMod/L1A1SLR
    It would definately make the mod a bit more fresh, weaponwise & it would make fights more interesting considering
    the fights between squads have been pretty much the same lately and it would be nice with some more options to the gameplay
    which is why it would be great to see CCO scopes on the mentioned weapons.
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  2. Would be a great add on the game. Currently it feels like the brc cco:s and holos are really just waste of space in your backpack and some of the people even leave them on the ground.

    The scopes are not that popular so it would be nice to see the possibility to add those in to ' rare ' guns which in my opinion could change alot of the current ' meta ' of the the game and who knows maybe people would prefer M249 CCO over the ARC acog weapons.

    Banjo approves this suggestion with 110%
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  3. L1A1SLR CCO yes please make it happen.
  4. mdms

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    There is no model for L1A1 CCO, sadly.

    I submitted a list for @Tansien about adding some missing modifications and few new weapons (with modifications). It is still under a review and I can not promise anything.
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  5. maybe fix how the L1A1 looks into ur hands? or is that not possible ? (im not sure but it looks short and weird in my opinion)

    this might just be me cuz I havent had the gun much.
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  6. Barracks/Military:

    Low chance of empty C-Mags (5.56), able to combine 30x, 20x round STANG to fill the C-Mag. Would be siiiiick.
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  7. Suggested this for about 1 year, never happend
  8. mdms

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    This was suggested few times in the past. It was rejected for balance reasons. Now that C-Mags are more common (thanks to oilrigs) it could be reviewed again. I am not even sure if you can you can spawn empty mags with VR.
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  9. That is possible, I did on my own mod back in the day (empty c-mags spawning). Note: Should be a very low spawn rate.

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