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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by G Thang, 2015-08-07.

  1. G Thang

    G Thang Leaderboard

    • ability to put bicycle on your pack instead of the backpack (toolbox needed)
    • upcoming winter: change textures to winter: + add new snow camos () + winter backpacks like=
    • Fix breathing sound female character
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  2. I'd like to see more tracer ammo for other weapons:rolleyes:
  3. Always wanted winter/namalsk
  4. G Thang

    G Thang Leaderboard

    well namalsk is awesome, but there is alot of work included to make it good for dayzero i guess.
    the chernarus winter map is just a texture replacement, should be pretty to easy to replace.
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  5. wesker

    wesker Capri Sun Leaderboard

    would really love this but the standard skin survivor/donator would not fit in a winter scenario
  6. Yeah! Would make night time fights really epic.
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  7. This would be really cool.
  8. +1 about the idea of adding winter in the winter time.
  9. What do you mean by this? Didn't quite understand :p
  10. Svendsen

    Svendsen King in the North Leaderboard

    dropping your backpack and carrying your bike on the back I think
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  11. I suggested implementing a season system where each season would involve a changed loot table. Byt that I mean that even the loot spawn locations would be mixed up. Like CZ would be found in a different type of building, some loot spawns would be boosted or nerfed etc. Seasons would change each month. Not sure what the rest of the community feels about that but I feel like that would be interesting to both old school & new players.
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  12. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    Sounds quite cool, would change things up
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  13. I really dont know about the technical difficulties of changing it around so it all comes down to Tansien if the rest of the community approves. Could have it on one server while the other is vanilla I suppose.
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  14. Aaaah yeeeaaaah, thanks

    Well, get it done son! Actually sounds pretty cool

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