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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Frags', 2015-08-07.

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  1. Frags'

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    I feel, that if you get banned on the forums for "Trolling" "bad behaviour" or whatever reason, you should only get banned from the forums, not from the game.
    What I mean is ur whitelist priveleges should not get removed. It's pretty stupid if you are acting badly on the forums, trolling, or W/E, you get punished for it ingame aswell.

    Maybe it's just what I think, but in my opinion, this is stupid as f.

    TY for reading this, and mby admins could reconsider their system? possibly?
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  2. Uhmm, why just not behave badly on the forums? Think that's the easiest solution to the problem :)
  3. Nahkiss

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    Long answer: I hope you joking but if you're not: not in a million years.
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