chinhook helicrash killed me

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by anando, 2015-08-04.

  1. Please be very detailed about the bug.
    - Anando
    - SE2
    - 6th august
    - 15:45 ~~
    - I followed a helicrash (chinhook) on my bike, waiting for it to crash when the backseet gunner just annihilated me with his m240...

    played on the server for like 3 years and this has never ever happened to me, only the mi24 circulating elektro has shot at me and that when i was shooting it...

    Anyhow is this suppose to happen ? I was unsure thats why i made the report.
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  2. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Yes, weapons were added to Chinook and Blackhawk (Seahawk) about 10 months ago if I remember correctly. They shoot when they detect threat. Keep in mind that NPC logic in VR can be, well to put it gently - tricky. Usually they shoot just armed vehicles (technical trucks and Huey).
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  3. I was following one with ural and the same happened to me :) Luckily ural could take a bit more hit than a bike. Careful with the chinooks people!

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