The great ingame clock & weather discussion thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by mdms, 2015-07-20.


What should we do?

  1. Move the ingame clock forwards 2 hours (it will be darker sooner).

    16 vote(s)
  2. Move the ingame clock backwards 2 hours (it will be darker later).

    42 vote(s)
  3. Randomize the clock every restart.

    14 vote(s)
  4. Leave it as it is.

    3 vote(s)
  5. Something else (post a reply).

    5 vote(s)
  1. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    You shouldn't be experiencing heavy rain at dark times anymore. Also the fog was tuned down today.
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  2. Pitch black nights = heavy rain.

    Not that they're the same, but it will be the same in regards to people logging off. If I can't see anything, I don't want to use my time playing.
    Same goes for most of us, I guess.
  3. Several things seem clear to me that I hope people with half a brain cell can agree on.

    1) People play at night because they know Zombies are not an issue. This simply should not be a given. It renders Zombies pretty much useless. Zombies need to have increased reaction/range to gunshots. This will present more of a danger to firing during pvp. (let me make clear this does not detract from your pvp quest - it makes the game a bit more challenging, after all whenever I see a review of DayZero gameplay it often uses the words 'most skilled' 'best pvp'. Zombies should be a serious problem during pvp engagements, or they should be removed.

    2) DayZero is always GreyZero - This is ugly, bring back some colour, the sunsets, the sunrises, the blue sky! rainbows, some rain, some fog, just generally better quality weather like it used to be.

    3) People always have and always will up their gamma at night. - Adjusting NVG spawn rate will do nothing. Which begs the question posed earlier why are things like flares and so on in the game when nobody uses them.

    4) Further to 3 - Why are a lot of things in the game when they aren't used, or there is no requirement to use them, namely canned food and drink (you can run to NWAF without needing any). There are many other things as well, chemlights, epi pens. There either needs to be a reason to have them or they are useless. Why pick up a tin of beans at Cherno if you don't need to eat them by the time you've got to Devils.

    This is not a PvP/PvE contest. These are observations that should be seen as improvements as DayZero at the moment has predictable gameplay and is graphically dull.
  4. MSF Ghost

    MSF Ghost Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    actually I use flares and chemlights cause even at times it was way to dark to see even with gamma which is good. I think chemlights and flares should be used so they wont be deemed useless and also so the only way some has the advantage at night is if they have NVGs
  5. This is cool. I think (although most other will disagree) that nights should be very dark so these items and nvgs become used that bit more, but never gonna happen, people will cry about the dark again.
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  6. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    1. disagree

    2. sure

    3. not always but it happens, flares are used, either for trolling or for them to be used combined with a smoke nade as they can cover you more together than the smoke alone can.

    4. And on this you could not be more wrong... Not everyone run straight to NWAF, some people run straight to the fight to the squad, and those cans of food and drink are life savers, we run out of food and drink almost every night due to them blinking/losing blood. Cause not everyone(me cough*) remembers to pick up all the essentials when running up, and always takes someone elses can food. They must be in the game, this is just the stupidest thing you've posted on this thread so far.
  7. You must have interpreted my post wrong. I did not say that everybody runs to NWAF, or that doing so or running to the squad fight is in any way wrong. But why should you be able to run to NWAF, or Devils, or anywhere remotely up North without needing to eat or drink? Simple.

    The only use for food is to replenish lost blood due to fights or zeds. And you have proved my point by saying you steal it off other people. The number of freshies I see legging it up north with NOTHING is silly. Everything is pinched from dead bodies, making gearing up pointless.

    Here's a point. I played the Vanilla Mod recently. And there are many things which I don't like in it, basebuilding the main one.
    But if there is an excellent addition it is the requirement to keep on top of your thirst. Cans of drink do not replenish fully, which means you have to constantly visit water pumps or ponds. This makes these areas prime fighting spots. Tins of food only give you a small boost, so animals are a must, shooting an animal, in a field, see where I'm going...

    The basic train of DayZero is run back to fight, run to the normal camping spots, and repeat.

    I'm 99% of people here don't give a shit about anything other that PvP (fine). Then I ask again, why bother with anything else?
  8. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    Im sorry you simply don't understand do you, you talk as if you can run forever without the need to eat or drink, but you can run for about 30 min or so before it is time(if you are constantly on the move). Im not saying I don't pick up food, I usually do(saying that usually steal from my mates) is because when the fight is going on forever I never bother with looting food, cause I don't think of it, which is what makes me ask maybe 5 min after looting a dead player that had tons of food. But Basically everything you've said about food is wrong. "The only use for food is to replenish lost blood due to fights or zeds" wrong. Why wouldnt you want to run straight up north? loot a barn and you get food/drink & weapon. all you need.
  9. You can run up north without looting any food or drink, but in the end you'll end up in a situation with someone having a blinking food or drink and you run around the goddamn map trying to find that precious drink, I end up in that situation quite often. I don't see the point in even thinking about changing the hunger system, Yes, you can get up north without eating anything, but the game goes on after that. After a while you've been up north you'll need that can of food. Flares, epi pens and chemlights, I can admit that they are quite useless but how do they bother you so much?
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  10. I'm sorry but this 'precious' drink you talk of doesn't exist. It's as common as the trees.

    You seem to prove my point and contradict each other at the same time. One says 'loot a barn you get all you need' and the other says your running around the goddamn map.
  11. Clearly someone doesn't even realize the fact that loot spawns are completely different, in terms of what spawns. A loot table goes by value, which means that not all the time, you will find this 'precious' drink. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but speaking out of your ass from others experience is nonsense.
  12. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    Well it is RNG. Maybe you don't understand that yet
  13. Maybe Battle Royale is the game you guys should play if zombies are such an issue.

    And you guys must play a totally different DayZero to me.

    Loot a major city, get everything you need. Run north.

    Don't loot a major city. Run North. Get everything you need.
  14. And your point?
  15. MSF Ghost

    MSF Ghost Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    this shouldn't be a thing, I believe the server should get dark enough to where they are useful, now epi pens they are quite useless usually when you pass out you are quite dead
  16. No need to gear up. No need to think about anything other than who is the next kill. It's the same old same old.
  17. Again, what's the problem with that? We don't critisize peoples playstyle? If you're in a squad, then why not run right back up to the bodies, teammates even, and get a spare gun from them instead? Funny how this thread started off with weather discussion, now it is an entirely different subject.
  18. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    We are not gonna dull the mod down for PvP, there are still a lot of players who play this mod just because it is the best DayZ mod there is when it comes to performance and realistic weapons. It's a "sandbox" - there is no right or wrong way of playing it, even though some squads try to tell everyone otherwise.

    If you remove all these "useless things" as someone quotes them, You will just end up making DayZero into a Battle Royale or Wasteland and there are such games and servers already. All this "PvE" content brings immersion into the mod, and immersion is the only thing that peaks my interest.

    Personally I would love the get rid of the night time all together, the game just looks boring as hell, but I understand why people play nightly: It makes the PvP encounters more "managable" regarding to zed aggro. I have talked about it with Tansien, let's see what kind of compromission we can do.

    This topic has indeed derailed quite a bit, but for the sake of discussion I will let it continue.
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  19. MSF Ghost

    MSF Ghost Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    how does it make it boring it, it gives me a feeling that you aren't safe at all especially if it is dark as hell
  20. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

    He said it LOOKS boring.

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