The great ingame clock & weather discussion thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by mdms, 2015-07-20.


What should we do?

  1. Move the ingame clock forwards 2 hours (it will be darker sooner).

    16 vote(s)
  2. Move the ingame clock backwards 2 hours (it will be darker later).

    42 vote(s)
  3. Randomize the clock every restart.

    14 vote(s)
  4. Leave it as it is.

    3 vote(s)
  5. Something else (post a reply).

    5 vote(s)
  1. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator


    It is time to make some changes to the ingame clock and weather. The fog and heavy rain will be limited at dark times, but what else do you want?
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  2. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    If possible, keep clock time as it is, but change glare to something else for daytime weather (maybe old dayz mod dusk, since this glare just blinds you).

    If not, night time earlier!

    also, day time zombies need to be fixed *cough*
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  3. Honestly, I'd like to see more daylight. To be honest, after 21:00 restart, people log on, and don't get me wrong - night time is awesome! But it is so fucking annoying while it is at dusk (imo), and the sun blends a lot of angles which makes it hard to even play for me personally.

    The fog and heavy rain idea is brilliant, as nobody really plays when that weather occures. Just my two cents, feel free to h8:rolleyes:
  4. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

    More Daylight. Gamma wars gameplay is so dull.
  5. I don't really play too much anymore, so don't really feel as if my input matters but heres my 2 cents. Do the guys log on later log in at that time because they prefer the atmosphere of the night, or is it because zombies are more manageable and squad fights are easier? If you do roll back the clock a couple hours is it possible to tone the zombie aggro distance down a little?

    I love streaming DayZero, but because its mostly black and white its kinda crappy to stream. I'd love to stream it during the day, but squad guys need to come on to pop the server, and for that to happen I think aggro distance has to be lowered a little too. :)

  6. temeeh

    temeeh Survivor Leaderboard

    If there is any effect that make people play "earlier" because daytime..

    Something else:

    Move the ingame clock forwards 1 hours (it will be darker sooner).

    I Love daytime action and hate so much night but ARGH... you all scary "pro" zombie game noobs who are afraid daytime zombies :-D:-D go play wasteland, ty

    Sad that so many fin/rus/swe players quit. They was foundation of server because they played early
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  7. fijey

    fijey Survivor Leaderboard

    Yeah. Nerf zombies during daytime and more people will come up for sure. Like make aggro distance 15-25% more than during night so it will be playable.
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  8. G Thang

    G Thang Leaderboard

    random hype
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  9. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    Honestly don't mind night or day, I want the one that will make more people log on. And since it's weather discussion aswell... fog... i think that one word enough(makes people log off due to not finding players)

    Edit. I do agree that maybe something could be done about the aggro range of zombies during day time if you decide to bring more daytime to the server(which could be nice for a change) just so that fighting in areas where there are lots of zombies spawned doesn't make it in to a "random zombies punched me and broke my legs" fest.

    And if not making it lower range during daytime, i think what Rawryy said about nighttime earlier would be the better alternative as it would make people log in earlier. But we would get the pitch black darkness earlier in the night aswell which might be bad for any americans not able to play until then.

    Other than that, I'll play aslong as there is a decent amount of players.

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  10. Why not remove Zombies all together then? A typical have your cake and eat it suggestion.

    Keep the Zombies. Extend the Daytime. Full moon the night time to hopefully reduce the gamma wars. Add better weather. I mean what happened to nice sunrise and sunsets with coloured sky rather than GreyZero. Or was that another bullshit performance thing.

    Sort it out.
  11. jonasmark

    jonasmark Creator of Awesome Leaderboard

    Pushing the clock either way won't solve anything, make it dark earlier and you'll piss off the players that want to play more daytime (me), make it dark later and you'll piss off the players who hate the daytime zombies.
    Fix the problems instead, lesser aggro-range for zombies, remove the glare/replace it with something better, remove the 100m thick fog, remove the DOUBLE-LAYERED rain.
    I know the glare and the fog are there to add immersion and it'd suck for Tansien to have to remove stuff he's worked on, but what does immersion and fancy mechanics really mean if they're detrimental to gameplay?
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  12. Would also appreciate someone looking into the CZ spawnrate, and adjust it to playable.

    Just an addition, a bit off topic but yeah, since we're talking about improvements
  13. Hating daytime zombies should not a viable reason for playing at night. You might as well get rid of them if this is the reason people play at night. Same thing goes for toning them down in the day, what's the point in having them if they are just going to be a nuisance to people.

    If you're going to keep them, make/keep them a threat! Make them aggro further for gunshots, like a lot further. Maybe less for sight.
  14. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    agreed, please increase, sometimes zub only spawns one.
  15. More for the sarcastic improvements thread, since nobody needs food or drink on the way to NWAF, remove them as well. And flares and all that other civilian shit nobody uses.

    This place needs to sort it's identity out.
  16. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    They've been changed back and forth before so why are you making a big deal out of it. The zombies should not be removed mainly because they are good for PvP(finding people, track their movements, figure out their numbers based on the amount of zombies). But they shouldn't ruin the PvP during daytime as they sometimes do when they come sprinting across a field from 400 meters away cuz you ran 20 meters.

    It's identity is PvP and anything to promote it i'd say, and has been for a long time.
  17. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Thís is already under "the tweaking list". As is few other things regarding gun spawns and balance.
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  18. I don't think you're being entirely accurate with your distances there, and they certainly don't ruin anything. Like I said previously, increase the aggro for gunshots by a lot, but maybe reduce the aggro for sight.

    As for it's identity being PvP, why not remove anything remotely to do with anything other - see previous post.
  19. jonasmark

    jonasmark Creator of Awesome Leaderboard

    A bit off-topic but would it be possible to remove the M21 and add the M14 DMR again? Not the DMR from vanilla, but the M14 DMR you had a few months ago, when we had both the M21 and M14 DMR.
    I heard it was removed for spawn rate purposes since it added to many DMRs, but would it be possible to switch to the M14 DMR instead of the M21?
    They both have the same damage, sway, recoil etc, the the M21 is so insanely slow, like the bullet travel is equal/slower than that of a stanag on long range. + The M14 DMR is a lot sexier :p
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  20. You play a game based in a zombie apocalypse and really complain about them being annoying?
    You should fight them all day for your life and pvp encounters should make like 50% at max.

    Keep the zombies how they are, make them react faster/harder to gunshots and noises.
    Maybe lower the LoS-aggro by 10-15m.

    And move the ingame clock backwards 2+ hours.
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