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Discussion in 'General' started by Peep, 2015-06-20.

  1. Black Forest compound is still in the making and Gn1p announced that there was a new patch coming soon
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  2. Harbinger

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    i beieve people talk about the project they were supposed to make together with Peep (BMRF owner), this topic has nothing to do with what Zac or anyone else is developing
  3. Harbinger

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    Tansien said that they will only finish up a few things, release unbinarized files for anyone willing to continue developing the mod. he told that to me personally and it was even written in some topic afterwards, + this topic is about what they were planning to do together with Peep, if you read this thread carefully, you will find a post from Peep where he said that they agreed on abandoning the project they had planned together with Tansien. Once you read that, tell me how you don't believe my statement.
  4. You said that they were not planning on doing anymore updates on A2? Even though they clearly are :confused:
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    Well I dont know when u spoke and with who but, recently we saw nice serries of good updates + yesterday I talked iwth 1 of the staff member and he said in few days prolly will happen next update so no... ur words do not match he reality - which is good!
  6. Harbinger

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    Not they, but only Tansien, that's the difference
  7. DaCrazyCageMan

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    I remember these posts, that was a long time ago & maybe Tansien realized how slow development of SA really is and that the beta will probably take several more years, so if he feels like he wants to do more for us then forget what he said regardless of any contradictions & enjoy the content :p #modtilyadrop
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  8. I am looking through the crash reports to see if I can find anything related to your crash. Have you tried reinstalling to see if that helps? We havent seen any additional crashing in beta...

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