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Discussion in 'General' started by Peep, 2015-06-20.

  1. Harbinger

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    When will an ARK server be up? i must join, now
  2. Tansien

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    As for updates for DayZero A2, I know a lot of people have waited a VERY LONG TIME for them, and I am truly sorry I have been unable to deliver. Sadly, the DayZero team was never big to begin with and my medical problems have basically ground progress to a halt. Some people have come to me and asked if there's anything they could help out with, but when faced with the code itself pretty much everyone has gone "Well, fuck this shit". :)
  3. I believe in you, and I hope everyone else does too. As the new thing comes up I hope there would be more forum moderation too, because to be honest it's been so toxic I haven't even visited the forums in a long while lately. But I guess if you don't have the manpower, none have the manpower for these kids :)

    I hope I can rally up another donate burst for you as you start up the new gaming community, here we all hope for the game we have always liked. And if you ever actually do get to coding that crap from up from the ground, please make hero matter, not everyone should be bandits :)
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  4. Peep

    Peep Hero

    Make a couple page document on what needs to be changed and how to change it for people who are familiar with normal programming languages. If you did, I'd gladly make your changes.
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  5. Another way of saying nobody gives a shit about updating dayzero anymore.
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  6. mdms

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    More like no-one is insane enough to code/script Virtual Reality. On top of that you would have to spend few weeks decyphering Rocket's and Tansien's thoughts.
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  7. I'm really glad to hear that the team that made the best Arma 2 DayZ-mod will continue to work with the standalone as well.
  8. Ill join the SA server fo'sho if you manage to put it up with decent hardware.
  9. Proximus

    Proximus Scavenger Leaderboard

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Good news!
  10. Kippari

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    This forum is full of trolls so dont bother correcting yourself or others :p
  11. If so i'll remove the post to prevent even more embarrassment ;-)
  12. Peep

    Peep Hero

    As an update, this hasn't been forgotten about. Obviously SA modding isn't a thing yet, but whether we even take that route is not totally determined. Tansien, Nahkiss and I will be meeting up in Stockholm this month and this will come up as a topic.
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  13. Natural

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  14. Peep

    Peep Hero

    No Kappa. I'll have a final answer on everything by the end of the month (I'm back in Canada on the 30th)
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  15. Peep

    Peep Hero

    It looks dead in the water to me. The development interest is gone and I will probably do my own separate things.
  16. Limèèy

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    So there will be no Dayz SA?
    Will the development continue on Dayzero?
  17. Sound's amaz... oh wait development interest gone? Didn't see that one coming...
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  18. Natural

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  19. jonasmark

    jonasmark Creator of Awesome Leaderboard

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  20. What exactly does that mean?!

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