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Discussion in 'General' started by Peep, 2015-06-20.

  1. This is the most realistic post on the thread.
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  2. M|J

    M|J twitch.tv/marcdevo Leaderboard

    @Peep Whatever you do with the new "brand" and the new servers, don't make it pay to win like the bmrf servers was.
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  3. How was BMRF pay2win? I really never played much on them, just curious.
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  4. M|J

    M|J twitch.tv/marcdevo Leaderboard

    There was like the option to pay for a "kit" or something like that when you spawn in. Unless it got removed eventually, know it was there when i first whitelisted on there.

    edit: just wanted to put it out there that pay2win is not something you should have so if/when u merge bmrf and ZNU then don't do it like that.
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  5. Peep

    Peep Hero

    We'll be monetizing, but it won't effect gameplay like the old perks did. Nothing money related will have anything to do with gameplay when it comes to DayZero and DayZ SA.

    Yes, DayZero A2 will be continued. When that happens is largely up to him and not me. A few people in this thread are bitter and negative for some odd reason. Had I said nothing, you still would have been bickering over the updates you feel so entitled to, despite Tansien having medical issues and doing everything for free in his spare time.
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  6. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    I think people are just a little frustrated that there hasnt been any additions to DayZero that he would really appreciate and enjoy. Most being small QoL improvements....
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  7. G Thang

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    at least, setup some kind of an event.
    some kind of survivor games, or whatever. i´ve been begging for 3years!
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  8. no, you will win.
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  9. Just wondering Peep, what happened to the Teamspeak server? Is it going to come back under a different name for the new community?

  10. Let me guess, by the time standalone is available to modders, then Tansien will be cured?

    I don't think anybody feels 'entitled' to anything. I think people have witnessed the decline of Dayzero in it's current state, yet nobody does anything. The constant dross on the forums and the plight of server numbers are just a few signs. Yet all of a sudden, great plans have been drawn up about what to do in over a year away.
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  11. Kippari

    Kippari Mr. Chickenhand Leaderboard

    Just keep in mind you never had pay anything to play this mod.
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  12. You never "had" to pay but i think most of the people that kept playing the mod after its hype bought the Hero-Account-Upgrades.
    Sure, running servers costs money also - but anyway.

    And i think its exactly these "backers" that lost trust in Zombies.nu and the team behind it, when the mod didnt receive a patch for forever now (1 year? or more? dont know exactly) after it lost its "big" popularity, given by streams, youtube and the mod itself being unique.

    And suddenly, another community that i didnt really hear much of in terms of DayZ Mod / DayZ SA lately comes around for an coorperation and they want to "port" DayZero to the Standalone.
    I think it will take approx. 1 year or more until you can really START (!) doing this - and i only read "DayZero Mod will be continued" - but i heard that to many times before (personal opinion).

    Now people start to ask questions again about the future of the mod and they dont get real answers again.

    The whole thing just sounds a little "fishy" to me - i dont believe anything they tell us now, until i can see some results.
  13. @Peep ; I'm really excited to hear you are giving this another go around. I loved BMRF just as I love these Zombies.nu servers today. This community has turned into a bit of a circlejerk and it's certainly time for a change.

    To those commenting about BMRF being "pay to win" you can rest assured that no developer listens to their community more than Peep. The first iteration of BMRF did have a method to buy a kit consisting of a pistol and toolbox etc, but in the second incarnation of BMRF there were no such kits as the community detested it. Peep will listen to the communities concerns and he will certainly do his best to make this mod and the proposed mod to SA the best gaming experience available to the DayZ communities.

    It's sad to see this community put forth so much hate in regard to the proposed changes, I for one am confident this will be for the best. Thank you guys for your continued commitment to the game we all enjoy so much.

    <3 -Beav
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  14. mdms

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    Well from the "old community's point of view" it does look a bit strange that someone comes here and advertises other communities and games and @Tansien gives zero input in the thread. If I did not know better, this thread would get deleted.

    As for the SA modding, I hope the support will come soon and the game can actually be saved, but knowing standalone's deving speed, professionalism and skillsets, I fear the worst.
  15. Peep

    Peep Hero

    Well, he did say stuff on the second page. But yeah, him and I were talking before I made this thread, probably should have given you a heads up.

    It's still up under ts.bmrf.me
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  16. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Desync will probably be better because our servers won't be overloaded, we'll make sure each server has enough CPU.
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  17. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    I did a bunch of work to make Podagorsk work again last year, but it still needs quite a bit of work before it's done. There's a lot of stuff server-side that's hardcoded for Chernarus, but it should be fix-able.
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  18. In layman's terms will it be returning, if so, eta?
  19. +1

  20. This all sounds very awesome to me :)

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