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Discussion in 'General' started by Peep, 2015-06-20.

  1. Peep

    Peep Hero

    Are getting married.

    No, but we're creating a new community for the DayZ Beta, Rust, ARK and DayZero and we have plans to mod DayZ Beta and host servers under a brand new community that him and I are founding. I created a very quick splash page for bmrf.me, but remember that our domain name will change to something completely brand new, just like the community. You may even see some other ZNU admins (nahkiss) join us!

    Teaser: http://bmrf.me

    Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/bmrfservers

    Thoughts, discussion, comments? Share it all here!
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  2. weddy97

    weddy97 Häftmassa Leaderboard

    DayZ Standalone with good fps and fixed pvp? yes pls
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  3. May I ask why you feel the need to make a new community? wouldn't it be better with an already known name?
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  4. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    Will his back be magically fixed

  5. Derpgar

    Derpgar Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Would rather see you work on fixing DayZero, than create a new mod of such a shit game
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  6. Peep

    Peep Hero

    I have my community (granted I don't keep my site up when it's inactive, but the following it has is still ready and waiting), he has his. A merge under a new name is something we wanted to do ages ago and simply redirect everyone to that.

    We're losing the brand name, sure, but we still have mailing lists and can redirect our old domains. None of these details are set in stone yet.
    These aren't his own words, but I doubt he's super motivated over Arma 2 scripting anymore in 2015. I know I wouldn't be.

    DayZ was a shit game until DayZero was created. Same idea here. DayZero isn't dead in the water either, Tansien may get some motivation back with a new community and game to play with for modding, and I can pick up the project myself.
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  7. Peep

    Peep Hero

    Yes how dare we insult you by revealing plans to mod the Standalone and revive DayZero under a new name with both myself and Tansien working together with a small team of talented people.

    How dare something actually happen.
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  8. Sounds amazing. Will play on the SA servers for sure.
  9. DayZ SA only has a few major problems which modding can fix, the main annoyances in the game are stupid features by the devs, this will definitely be successful, exciting, will play for sure!
  10. shadybh

    shadybh i love you Leaderboard

    combining communities that share different interests? how is that a good idea? also, plans to make improvements/changes to 4 games when we can't even get changes for 1... i'm skeptical and will believe it when i see it, please prove me wrong though.
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  11. Peep

    Peep Hero

    I didn't say it wasn't ambitious. Go big or go home. I'll be working on this full time (I quit my job) for a couple of months when SA modding is ready.
  12. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    I am curious to see how DayZ would be once Tansien and co. get there hands on it. Unfortunately I wish there was more done or small patches/implementation of the little things we have been requesting for the past year,
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  13. Peep

    Peep Hero

    I understand that the community is disgruntled about those things. I obviously can't immediately deliver anything, but I want to let you guys know that it's happening and I'm committed to it.
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  14. Dont know how i should feel about this - why would you kill the Zombies.nu communtiy and create a new brand that no one knows.

    It will take months, maybe even another year until the DayZ Standalone gets really moddable and the game is just crap in its current state - why make another server for it and support it?

    The Communities of ARK and Rust are already built, maybe you have a chance to built something around the ARK hype, but the people already settled in all the Rust communities around.

    Dont get me wrong, DayZero is one of the best DayZ Mods out there - but the DayZ Mod never was shit.
    It was the beginning of a whole new genre and type of games - and DayZero just was / is a more refined version of it.

    A small patch and some advertisement would be enough to get enough people back to DayZero to even fill 3-4 servers in my opinion.
  15. Peep

    Peep Hero

    It will take me months to get this new site and community ready anyway, hopefully just-in-time for the SA mods. If it doesn't happen, I can put it down on the priority list and make sure DayZero gets taken care of here at ZNU before anything new goes online.

    Tansien and I wanted to do a merge many, many months ago. We work well together, and it helps with administration. As for the communities of Rust and ARK already being built, the one at the top of the server browser in the modded section is hosted by me. ARK would be new, though.

    We'll see what comes of it.
  16. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Sounds fresh , i like it. I havent see Peep said anything about killing DayZero guys. Instead he spoke about the revival of it and bring something new also and create a big community. Maybe its hard to do that but he said that he will be committed to the plan. Lets wait and see...
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  17. Kojot

    Kojot Scavenger Leaderboard

    Congratulations, people after reading this thread will assume that theres no point to still play dayzero and population of SE2 will drop to shit again
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  18. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    I hope this announcement is not too soon and Dayz gets it's modding support soon, which I heavily doubt :-(

    As for Rust and Ark, I do not really care at the moment. Both have horrendous gun mechanics and physics and Rust is missing the whole endgame content.
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  19. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    Sounds promising!!!
  20. rotunde

    rotunde The Master Baiter Leaderboard

    Will we lose our donator status?
    About the rest: I'll believe it when I see it. I thankfully didn't waste money on this piece of shit that is standalone, YET.

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