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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Strikeh, 2015-06-19.

  1. Strikeh

    Strikeh Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I'm sure that this has been suggested time and time again, and I know it might be frustrating, which is why I wouldn't do this and risk offending the community if it wasn't important to me.

    I'm an American player. I love DayZero. I really do, but it seems like the only time that people play are in the night, rather, during the day for those on the other end of the globe. This is fine, but I suggest a server with a daytime cycle to appeal to people on the west end of the globe. I feel that if there is a server with a time cycle that fits us (Us meaning more North American players) then we'd be more likely to play. I really do love playing DayZero, but I don't like having to play in the early morning to:

    A. Be able to play and actually see what I'm doing.
    B. Meet other players.

    I'd appreciate any consideration given. This mod was the reason I built my PC, and I hate having to adjust my schedule so drastically just to play. I don't think I'd be lying if other people agreed.
  2. <Hotfix>

    <Hotfix> Scavenger Leaderboard

    Yeah, we're also playing alot at the night. Even with brightness and gamma at full we can't see anything. A guy was 2 metres infront of me in the grass in berizhino, couldn't see him, he couldn't see me.
  3. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    HDR Quality -> High
  4. <Hotfix>

    <Hotfix> Scavenger Leaderboard

    Got that too. Atleast now when I checked :p This was the first day of playing, though.
  5. <Hotfix>

    <Hotfix> Scavenger Leaderboard

    At 5AM, its completely impossible to see loot without using flashlight. Its also impossible to walk in the forest, since you can't see the trees infront of you. We gave up now.
  6. rotunde

    rotunde The Master Baiter Leaderboard

    Put Gamma & Brightness on max and HDR Quality on high
  7. <Hotfix>

    <Hotfix> Scavenger Leaderboard

    We play that way. It works fine until 4-5 in the morning.
  8. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Yes it gets very very dark soon after the 3am restart. We have tweaked the clock in the past (-2 hours) and it resulted in more drama and hate (even after a poll) than was anticipated so we moved it forward for 1 hour again. I am too afraid to touch it anymore.
  9. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Nah. It's worst after change with -2h... Old system was the best. Just remove rain at the night and will be ok :)

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