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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by M|J, 2015-06-10.

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    We used to have a streams tab that wasn't all that great. Would it be possible to add something to the sidebar that shows who streams Dayzero.

    Either based on if they have Dayzero in their stream title on twitch or if the streamers themselves request to be put in to the sidebar, like it used to work with the stream tab we had a while ago.

    Would be cool, sometimes you don't find the ones streaming Dayzero to only a handful of viewers. But I've seen quite a few more people have started to stream when they play, so would be cool to find them easy. Also nice for new members when they join, to see that there are some active streams up on twitch streaming Dayzero.

    Just to show what I mean. Nothing fancy but you will get the idea.


  2. If you can find a suitable Xenforo plugin that does it I am sure that it wouldnt require a lot of work to implement.

    I think that ZNU used this plugin before & it's got functionality for almost exactly what you're asking for. A little box in the sidebar that shows active streams & viewer count. But as you can see it's no longer free. It's $ 40.
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    Alright, thanks for the info. I went on and searched and found this plugin.

    It seems to be exactly what I meant also, but limited to isn''t really a problem? hehe ). Looks like its free aswell and im guessing it says "Download not available" becuase im not logged in or something? Could it work?

    Edit: Also found this plugin, however maybe not exactly what I meant but this one could be used in a tab like we previously had it, so why not both? They seem to be free.
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  4. @papsh @mdms @Tansien needs to have a look. Not sure if it's compatible with the version of Xenforo that ZNU is using.
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    @Tansien needs to check this, but from quick reading that plugin check user's settings for the streams that the user has added himself?
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    The first link is works like this. The user enters his stream(his own stream) into his user profile, and if he's streaming it will show for everyone in the sidebar. Atleast that's what it looks like to me, which would be good cause then we can find new people that start streaming :)

    The second link i think it's just the admins can add streams for them to be shown in the sidebar once they are LIVE.

    I like the 1st one the most due to the fact that users can more easily get the stream added. It would be nice if they were able to tell if the streamer is in fact streaming dayzero/dayz or some other game, cause people are not only always streaming dayzero. Not really a big problem tho :)
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  8. mdms

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    Sorry, no. I do not have super admin rights to add plugins.
  9. M|J

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    alright, guess we'll have to see what Tansien says, if he ever checks here. :)
  10. Useless.

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