How to revive DayZero! #revive

Discussion in 'General' started by wesleyth, 2015-05-19.

  1. Actually update the mod and make the mod easier to get = more players
    edit: Can you btw add the mod to steam workshop like arma3 bp has done? Would get alot attention that way
  2. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    very good ideas, have been suggested before, except the workshop idea which is a good one also! Problem is Tansien is AWOL since 2013
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  3. What do you prefer? Needing 5 wheels to fix one bycicle like it was 2 years ago? :confused:
  4. Yeah availability and visibility are important and easy to do. 5/5
  5. The repair Chopper system is disgustingly confusing for someone who just started.

    You didn't even play 2 years ago.

  6. Played on BMRF before, dont think it was really different there...

    But i agree with you, repair Chopper System is confusing if you dont know it, but for me its the only one.

    But most of the time, one Main Rotor makes the Chopper flyable without spinning, so its way easier to fix one right now.
  7. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

  8. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    close to atleast, just need to keep the playercount up more consistently now all times of the day.

    Props also to @DaCrazyCageMan for the reddit post, looks like you caught some players with that.
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  9. Natural

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    SE2 is revived, would love to see admins come back and another server fulled up.
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  10. fijey

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    Was 35 max today. Dying again?
  11. Natural

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    Nope, just an off day. Should be more people on this weekend.
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  12. JB2k

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    The Lee Enfield noob squad is back on tonight so I hope the server is packed again! :-D
  13. Huey's on, so RIP
  14. Where all them players at? :eek::-(
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  15. Dr. Doom

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    Add more cans, that should do it.

    This message brought to you by CFL Inc.
  16. There are some obvious factor in place of this mod dying out over the past year, quite obvious too, and I am sure everyone is aware of it. The way to ressurect this mod, and community, in my opinion, would be the following:

    • Stable developement, fixes, and I suppose some new features
    • Publicity; advertise the mod on reddit (DayZ Mod sub-reddit), DayZ Mod forums, referal-ish system for inviting players (with some bonuses per. 3 referal perhaps?), streaming, YouTube videos (I know that people already do this, keep doing it), and perhaps even going as far as contacting bigger streamers/youtubers
    • Revamp of several in-game areas to make the atmosphere even better
    • Continousely be on look out for developers with spare time that puts effort into developing this mod (Not saying that Tansien didn't do that, but as far as I've heard, it has lacked developement recently)
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  17. G Thang

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  18. What's the reason for using hashtags like #revive?
  19. DaCrazyCageMan

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    Just an idea, if this is going to be it for DayZero for a while until its patched, we should schedule a little event, so at least if it dies for a while, we should do what were good at and let it go out with a bang, maybe we could choose an area and time one night to have a giant battle to see who claims it for the longest with mdms streaming on the spectator cam.
    Just imagine a clusterfuck to take control of devils castle, anyone?
    Good idea? Yay or nay?
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