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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by VanZ0r, 2012-10-17.

  1. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    I've seen a few posts from guys who are moderators on the forums and who also have access to 'inside' information.

    In the interests of transparency and clarity I think it would be appropriate to list the staff and their in game characters and server they play on (I'm sure no-one is allowed to moderate a server they play on).

    In my experience of some 20 years of online gaming I've yet to encounter a set-up where there isn't a level of 'corruption' when the moderators are also the players.

    If you take a look around the various threads discussing private hives (on the main DayZ forums) you'll easily find comments from the hive owners that show their interest in the server goes beyond running a great environment, they play there too and so do their friends.

    Just to be clear to date these servers are, in my experience, the best place to play DayZ and I'm sure there's nothing to hide which is why a staff, player & server list is a simple step that will not only give me some peace of mind but I'm sure others would welcome it.
  2. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    I don't see the point of moderators giving out their ingame names, I wouldn't mind it but the moderators have nothing to do with the server basically. We help to moderate the forum, IRC and in my case also the website.
    A list would be great though! :)
  3. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    If they are just forum mods then np, but I think several have access to information beyond moderating the forum.

    Let's not be naive about this point. If everyone thinks it's ok for some players to have access to inside information (which they may share with their clanmates) and/or admin powers on the servers that they play on with their clanmates then obviously I'm a bafoon and not up-to-date with current culture.

    In simple terms: we currently don't let the referee play in one of the teams in a football match, maybe you can work out why?

    The servers are great but trust me when I say you don't want the people moderating the servers playing on them. I concede that this is something we have to live with since Tansien is putting in the effort and providing it all FOC (I just hope I'm not playing on the same server as him!:-D). But with more servers then we're likely to have more people with admin rights...

    It's Tan's ball so he can dictate the rules, I'm hoping that by being open and upfront the great playing experience is maintained and not upset by even the slightest abuse of power.
  4. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    The only 2 people who have access to "secret" server information are Tansien and Mulleboy.
  5. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    That sorta doesn't answer the point I raised at all. How many admins are there on there servers if any?

    So ^ that isn't an advantage for the mods who are players over 'ordinary' players?
  6. Fake

    Fake #blametansien Leaderboard

    how is it an advantage? I don't have any server side access. All I can do is moderate the bugs thread on the forum. I speak to Tansien about DayZSE and I asked about the loot tables and he told me. It's all going to be available information when the server is up.. I have no admin access to the server at all, I'm just a regular player like you.
  7. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    DayZSE isen't even in open alpha testing yet, things might very well change.
    Moving on, no (ingame) moderator is actually able to play on the server they are moderating.
  8. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

  9. Corvax

    Corvax Ace Pilot Leaderboard

    Come on now xD, can you just go loot the barracks when the server comes online :p ..
    Its kinda boring already knowing almost everything about dayz and having that make decisions for you.
    Might have a chance to let go of your preprogrammed ways of playing ;-)

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