Creating a squad to rival that of the other squads with lots of guns and stuff... anyway.......

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by rosstapha, 2015-04-19.

  1. Hi all,

    Please excuse the manner of this post as i'm pretty drunk.

    I've been away from my PC for five months, therefore my old crew have gone, its very sad. So I'm looking to start up a squad of around 4-5 people, anymore than that it gets messy!

    My in game name is Ponto and I'm 21, from the United Kingdom and like shooting people up north (of chernarus not england). I've been playing dayzero and arma for many years now and know the maps inside and out. I also know how to deal with engagements.

    You have to be:

    Over 16 and mature
    English speaking
    Drunk for at least 4 hours a week
    Good sense of humor
    Willingness to learn and run up north ALLOT
    Not a prick

    If you are interested comment below or send me PM. Or steam message me.

    steam: Pontosaurus (the pic of a sniper's scope)
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  2. Great idea!
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  3. Will consider this due to that sentence
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  4. ponto ,a m ready again for lols in the north
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  5. YES. so it begins
  6. oh yeah, im in :)

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