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Discussion in 'General' started by Tansien, 2015-04-19.

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  2. If it where up to me, DayZero would be excactly like it is only on a engine that supports a bit more players and more dynamic content spread out giving players an incentive to travel around more, and not just doing the same routine around stary, rogovo hill and nwaf.

    Half done basebuilding is a for giggling and dribbling babies.

    So how about it @Tansien
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    Puerile exaggerations aside.

    You already have DayZero as it is, it is a single player running simulator vs. glitchy zombies that never will be fixed and the occasional shrubbery with a sniper rifle. The squad fights and full servers was all that meant anything in the past, and they are gone, it was what sustained the mod, period. And you're clinging to a game that had its weak endgame exposed a long time ago. Clearly the giggling and dribbling babies know something you do not. As much as you and the handful of individuals that still populate the DayZero servers enjoy the experience - the interest in developing it died with the player base; the few that remain are stubborn nostalgics that hope for the good times and the time of unwilling ignorance to return.
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  5. I remember some admin/mod answering my question about advertising DayZero more and that the lack of doing it also (not only!) caused the current status.
    Im sure this mod would be still populated if it would get bugfixes/content updates and some more advertising around the community.
    Okay - ressources are limited to bring out content/bugfixes, just bring in like 10 new weapons, make a little news around it, maybe start an little shoot-out-event and advertise the shit out of it.

    Best example is Break playing DayZero onstream - the servers get population spikes the next 1-2 days just from him playing it.

    Im not a big fan of "vanilla chernarus" tbh, but the DayZero Version with its light tweaks and customizations is really nice and DayZero always was the "better vanilla" for me.
    The zombies are glitchy and buggy, yes.
    But they were like that or even worse when we all started playing DayZ Vanilla and all other mods - and no one cared about it.

    Also, the AI on your savior A3 and its Mods (drones and sappers/cultists for example) are not better in any aspect, they often bug more then A2 Zombies do.
    Plus there is no real zombie mod on A3 engine atm (Breaking Point Zombies are a joke really..).

  6. To me dayzero has been both the best and worst in gaming for me. The rush and feeling you can get in this mod especialy when outnumbered or all alone like me is something i have never experienced in any other game, and the worst parts has been the downsides of the real virtuality 3 engine, glitches, bugs and hacks.
    I stopped playing over a half year ago because of those issues and that is the reason i want the same DayZero, only more refined and improved on a propper engine that would have support for maybe abit more players and some dynamic content giving players a incentive to explore more than just doing the same routine at the same location over and over.

    I still hope for new development on maybe a propper engine that would support a better, more refined and more accessible dayzero and thats why i'm still visiting these forums.
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  7. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    There is no other engine like Bohemias'. No other engine that simulates "real combat" so well. Unfortunately to simulate something comes with a lot of variables, variables that invariably (no pun intended) comes with a lot of drawbacks. Playing anything based on an engine as complex as this will always come with glitches and problems - it is something we simply HAVE TO accept, because there is no competition, with vehicles, weapons, bullet penetration, destructible buildings, ballistics, persistence, and all that. ARMA is perfectly imperfect is probably the best way to put it. And you accept its caveats or you don't. As for hacks, all MP games have them without exception. ARMA 3 with infiSTAR probably is as "safe" as you can get it, but the real "antihack" in ARMA is active admins. You simply can never get around that fact.

    I am a vehement believer in base building, destructible bases that you can defend, take over, and/or raid together with the persistance of the mod is something that really works very well alongside the PvP-elements of just random encounters. "Locating enemies" at crash sites or whatever dynamic content you use, has never been as entertaining as assaulting a base that a group of talented players are defending, and successfully killing them, grabbing their stuff and making it out. Or successfully defending your own base. Naturally base building or raiding isn't for everyone, but in a sandbox the more opportunities there are, the more content are available to attract more players. The end game in DayZero is its achilles heel, because it relies... no depends on there being other players there. Without them, there is no reason to run around. It doesn't matter what "dynamic content" you add (unless it's more available professions/options that are engaging and fun (like base building).

    Sincerely hope you get your wish come true.
  8. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    WTP don't have UAV's or cultists, and the occasional sapper (very small chance of spawning) is there more for a random scare factor than anything. I've always favoured human opponents. And when there is a lack thereof, military opponents. The good factor about Epoch being accessible to different admins is that you will find different servers that fit your personal playstyle. Some prefer more PvE-elements, some prefer simulation (ie. first person, advanced flight mechanics, etc.) and some (like me) prefer human opponents. As soon as I had the ability to, I simply disabled UAV's and cultists. They are the worst part of that mod, and the devs of Epoch are introducing a walking rock monster as well, something we will disable also when it comes.
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  10. Question is - why are you playing Epoch?

    Just play Arma 3 Wasteland then, there you have AI, you have alot of Human opponents and basebuilding that saves after a restart (if configured that way by the admin).

    I just want to play a zombie survival mod with pvp focus - where zombies are annoying, telling your position and can be a big danger factor if you underestimate them.
    DayZero was that mod for me - but for whatever reason people left the mod.
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    What kills Wasteland and other "heavily modded" Arma 3 missions and mods for me is the lack of FPS. I get headache when the FPS drops below 60. This is one of the main reasons why DayZero is the only playable mod for me - although first person plus bike plus 27" monitor equals instant motion sickness.
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  13. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    Epoch has its own base building assets, it does not use the standard ARMA assets for one. The fact that traders aren't pre-stocked and that it isn't militarized (tanks, rocket launchers, etc.) is another factor I prefer in Epoch, the fact that you have much more control (as an admin) what you want to run, which makes Epoch servers quite different to each other. And the biggest caveat (imo) is that Wasteland is faction based, it's a war between two sides, I much prefer the Epoch way of doing it, which is that either you come as a clan and anyone and everyone is (most likely) an enemy. I also much prefer the base raiding in Epoch to Wasteland, and Epoch IS more sandbox oriented, you are in fact encouraged to play whatever way you want. Some ignore the base building and go all in for only PvP, some spend most of their time doing events and PvE (missions), some focus entirely on base building, whereas others try to survive as long as possible versus any threats.

    The fact that Epoch has a player driven market, and that you start out at zero and have to "gear up" by looting, makes your dying FEEL more, deaths affect you. Whereas in Wasteland it's more "meh, I can buy new military gear". The fact that the vehicles are almost entirely non-militarized in Epoch is something I prefer as well.
  14. Remember, when you called it dead the last time? (
    We had a lot of fun on the server since this day, atleast yesterday, so dont call it R.I.P all the time. o_O
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  15. Thumbs up!
  16. dang thats hella deep pic doe
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    its called tactical ripping :cool:
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