A DayZero Adventure, Day 1

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by katulen, 2015-04-15.

  1. Hey all Survivors !

    I've been wondering in a long time about why so many people is still playing the old Arma II DayZ Mod. Why is it you still think the DayZ mod is charming ?

    Here is an expample of why i still find the old Arma II DayZ Mod charming !

    Have a good one :)
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  2. papsh

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    Welcome to dayzero guys
  3. It was good. I notice something you can improve on. You need to turn off resampling in Vegas if that's the software you are using to render these videos. Right-click on the clip(s), go into switches and choose to disable resampling. Resampling is causing that ghosting effect/strange motion blur. It might look good in normal videos but not in gaming videos. Keep in mind that you need to turn it off for each clip in your project. The volume of the music is too loud in comparison to the voice track in the beginning as well. I guess your voice track wasnt very loud to begin with so maybe you just need to boost the volume of that track.

    And now my personal opinion. The video is almost 20 minutes long. Very few people will watch a video of that length unless it's from an already established youtuber. Most of the time I dont even bother to watch such a long video since it's just too much time to spend on a youtube-video.

    In the video you spend about 5 minutes talking about the game and your experience in it, try to cut it down to 1 minute max & instead of speeding up the clips of you going around looting it's generally better (again my own opinion) to just make short cuts of yourself looting so that people get the idea. Try to jump into the action as fast as possible to keep people interested. Mix with storytelling.

    Try to keep the videos around 10 minutes max and you will get a lot more people to stay for the full duration. A lot of people on this forum post kill compilations & while that's quite nice I think a mix of kills & narration make the best dayz videos. Break made some great ones on youtube. Not sure if he still makes them but you could have a look on his channel for inspiration.
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  4. Rogorugu, thank you alot. I appreciate it big time.

    Regarding the resampling, i do use Vegas Pro and i wasn't aware of that, so i will try mess around with that as well with all the other areas you mentioned.
    And i gotta agree with the time - it is a bit too long.

    And when it comes to my microphone and all, i do need some upgrades on that area as well.

    Btw. you didn't really answer my original question ? I hope you will :)

    Anyhow, thank you alot for you criticism, much appreciated.

    // Katulen
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