iWant to play with somebooty >.<

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Eljas, 2015-03-25.

  1. Eljas

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    Hey im 17y old this year aaaand im just looking for somone or some people (like a small group i guess), idc if ur new or a veteran. I just want 2 play some dooooyzero. Ou and I started playing dayz a month or 2 before vanilla dayz servers stoped.

    Just add me on steam, my name is sonydevteam aaaand plox dont be shy, i dont want sh*t 2 get awkward

    I cant speak eng like an american (it may be because im not from the US ^^) but u wont have a problem understanding me so u dont have 2 worry bout me foqin up when we're under pressure xD
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