Looking for any body who wants to play!

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by miller james, 2015-03-22.

  1. Hello, my name is Tom, i am a 16 year old from Wales (I don't have a strong Welsh accent as i know strong Welsh accents can by annoying) If you want to add me on steam my name is :
    2nd Tom Hunt

    I don't rally care what age you are or what your voice is like, as long as:
    You can take a joke
    You can speak English.

    I doesn't bother me if you're new to dayz (But you must know the basics of the game)
    I don't care if you're inactive, if you feel like play just message me and if i feel like playing (i will most of the time) I will play
    I do mostly like 1st person but i will play 3rd if you want to play 3rd person.

    You can say you want to play on is thread but if you want to be certain to get in contact with me, add me on steam
    Don't be shy <----(bit perverted), i won't make things awkward

    Thank you
  2. I know it says i am 24 and my name is James Miller but i just made the profile, it shouldn't really bother anybody :)
  3. Hey man, ive sent you a request on Steam. Same name as on here.
  4. still waiting on more people
  5. yes mate, add: [68th] Tom Hunt

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