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  1. M|J

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    This whole constant greyzero we got going here is kinda boring and depressing. Bring colors back please.

    Make it daytime during peak hours please, 21-24 CET. The restart after that one should be the one we all hate, Dusk. And then comes night.

    You got your boring easymode 1st person so atleast bring colors back.
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  2. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    since tansien changed it to start 1 hour earlier, it has bugged out and been an abnormal amount of rain/fog, not like it used to be. and i would like playing daytime if it wasnt blinding glare/constantly sunny. for now, greyzero > glare imo
  3. M|J

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    Yeah somethings weird with it atm. That annoying glare is mostly in Dusk. Daytime anything>greyzero imo tho, just so boring seeing everything in black and white every night.
  4. Personally would like to just have 24/7 day time for a week or so
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  5. Predatory Clown

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    It was changed to be 2 hours of extra daytime and everyone complained. I personally enjoy night time, especially the super dark nights, and the only negative factor is the heavy fog/rain combo. Definitely do not want daytime 24/7.
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  6. If it was daytime or lighter perhaps people would actually move about and stop their boring tactics
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  7. papsh

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    i think they yoloing more in nightime. we will have more camping probably in daytime but at least you can see colors and feel better. i want daytime in one restart , nightime in the other one , remove glare and add a new rule '' no kamikazi with planes on vehicles or permanent ban ''
  8. Honestly, your not bringing any more players to the server when they log in to see darkness. It's fucking boring and campy.
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  9. Knaris

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    It seems that there is a correlation between enjoying daytime and enjoying third person. I'm mostly seeing TEAM/NvL saying they prefer that sort of gameplay though. I would anyways suggest changing SE1 to 24/7 day so you can play with like minded people (and we'll see if it becomes popular).

    I for one don't enjoy playing daytime because of the glare and also zombies aggroing from far away through buildings and walls making towns just one big annoyance to be in and even worse to fight in (or even remotely close to). Considering 2 guys can be shooting at eachother and one of them can be completely free of zombie aggro i feel that daytime zombie stickyness could ruin a lot of fights.
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  10. I see it like Knaris, playing with zombies on daytime sucks, thats why many people prefer the night.
    Perhaps there should be a change about this. More range than in night is good, but the diffrence is way to much imo.
  11. And add no shoot on sight too pls, fucken bandits kamikazing me n stuff
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  12. Natural

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    We aren't saying there should be 24/7 day. The server needs a night cycle. During the peak hours it is always dark and thats not how it used to be... atleast on SE3 a year ago.
  13. jonasmark

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    Why does everyone say "I'd enjoy daytime if it wasn't for the glare"? The glare is literally only during dusk 7PMish - 9:30PMish and dawn, the rest of the day is perfectly fine, no glare at all.
    My suggestion would be to just remove the glare setting from the game, keep it at regular daytime up until 9PM restart and then make it so it's night after that restart.
    Might ruin the realism and "immersion" but fuck those two when they ruin the actual gameplay.
    And seriously something has to be done when 7PM - 9PM, arguably the hours who should be the busiest, are being completely wasted by glare.
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