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Discussion in 'General' started by Ignak, 2015-02-06.

  1. How do you suggest that a future patch would fix that?
  2. Really though, there hasn't been a patch in many, many months, so I was making a general suggestion which is probably a way more relevant issue than not being able to relog for ammo. or adding new attachments especially concerning getting a higher population and new players consistently online, rather than just saying "OH THIS MOD ISN'T VERY NOOB FRIENDLY BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SO TALENTED." The mod is amazing as is; adding minor content changes won't get more players.
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  3. To be fair you didnt really suggest anything at first. You just pointed out that there are squads that consist of 5 players or more. We cant really step in and tell people that they are not allowed to play with their friends. That is more likely to lower the player number further if anything. Most squads actually consist of 4 players. It's standard and not at all uncommon. If you think that's huge then my suggestion to you would be to hire another squadmember or two. Sure, there is Hoarders that roll around with their 7-8 swedes and occasional dribbler but aside from that there's not many supersized squads.

    If people want to pat themselves on the back and say that people wont join because they are feared then let them. Fixing game breaking bugs would definitely get more players on the servers.
  4. true that.

    keep your cool now, im simply gonna express my opinion on things, in order to add to the (partly contradictory) opinions expressed above. im not crying, saying "change it like i want or the mod is shit", im JUST saying what i feel like about things. :)

    IMO its even too easy to get choppers now, what metzger said is true, a lot of times you dont need anything at all if you can handle a spinning chopper (i cant, but my squad mates can), most of the other times you only need a rotor, sometimes an engine (i think), glass is never needed atm, same goes for the avionics system (looks like scrap metal, spawns only at crash sites)

    connected to this, my squad mates and I talked about this a lot, and we would love to see the old (static?) heli spawns back again. most of the helis now spawn on oil rigs which give shittier fights over them and stay uncontested most of the time. only other heli spawns are helipads in militaries (NWAF, NEAF, Berezino, Cherno, Stary, I think).

    our suggestion would be to just add the old spawns as a possible spawn location (hospital roofs, castle towers, altar, skalisty island ...?) and maybe even new ones that give credit to where awesome heli fights could go off. Get creative and think of cool and exciting heli spawns. We love to get helis, but the way it is now its almost boring, getting one is super easy and almost never we have to fight over it. If helis are more contested again, everybody will have more fun again! :) contesting helis adds another variety to the game (apart from contesting heli crashes, fighting at NWAF and roaming the map looking for regular squad PvP), so vote YES!


    regarding the above discussion over ammo relog and backpack fix, IMO it made the mod super awesomer to fix that and im enjoying the changes it brought so much, consciously until today. I think the amount of gear is just fine (maybe, like others have stated, too many big backpacks now?).

    the discussion over too much/too little gear on the server has been going on for ages and both sides have made their (valid) points. I, personally, think it is way better with less high end gear around, so that you actually get excited hearing a M21/G3/whatever.

    IMO, most important is advertising the mod (that includes possibly working on better access for new players via launcher?), fixing the basic stuff that has been mentioned before, namely

    - desync
    - dayzero.dll
    - vehicle damage
    - hiding bodies w/ longer animation or tool
    - the thing were you can see if player X got a kill!

    this is just what i could think of right now, theres obvs more ideas/more stuff that rly needs to be implemented. I also agree with a lot of OPs suggestions. The supply backpack would be reaaally awesome. :)

    last but not least, regarding the discussion of porting to another game. Id rather stay with arma 2 for a while, if dayzero HAS to move on to another game (whatever the devs think is best), tansien talking about DayZero SA gets me a lot more excited than DayZero A3, for the reasons mentioned by Tansien.

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  5. So cause march is near, i want to write down some points too.
    They havn´t not even for me the priority than some other points that are mentioned here nor have i a clue how much work it would be, just to bring some ideas in here:

    Do something with the North East Airfield, its nearly died out.
    Perhaps add ~3 baracks like the mid compound @NWAF, but only spawning russian loot. Give the airfield more chance spawning good russian stuff (SVD (perhaps lower spawnrate at the coast then), RPK 47, AK 103, scopes, russian clothings, perhaps really low chance PKP), so that we have one american and one russian airfield. And with that, buff the russian guns (for example better scopes, rpk drums usable like beta-c). Its kind of booring that everybody runs around with the same few american guns.
    And with that, perhaps we will have some action in this big unused area between devils castle and the NEAF.

    Make one oilrig a russian one (ammo for SVD, RPK, PKP, AKM SD, APS SD), perhaps Guba if you edit the NEAF.

    Make it possible to control parachuting, just to fly left or right.

    Lower the zombie spawn rate, when more players are in the area. For me its now 2 players -> zombiespwans x2, 3 players -> zombiespawns x3 ..., is that right ? I find its to much.

    Add a rare item (like a kevlar), that protects you from bleeding from the first zombie hit, perhaps with loosing charges then. Or give drinkin a mountain dew this ability :)

    As dreadd said, add the old heli spawns. Was more fun to fight on a chopper at Altar or Elektro than taking it from Guba Oilrig. Perhaps add Green Mountain as a spawn.

    Increase the spawn rate of the rocket launcher. We have a chopper really often in our squad, but we got shot only a single time by rocket long time ago. No one has it, no one uses it because now one can shoot with it cause its to rare.

    Add one or 2 more choppers, but hold the number of 2 on a server. Perhaps one with one (or 2) rocket shots per restart (or add it to the black lb)? Guess it would be not that op cause you cant aim that good from the air and you have no second try.

    Well, guess thats all for now :-D
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  6. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    add the same kind of crates that we can find on the oilrigs in places like , guglovo/gvodzno/lopatino, instead of shitty bugged oilrigs :)
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  7. Timmyctc

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    I like the idea of adjusting the zed spawn rate for high player counts in towns.
    1 player = x1
    2p = x1.5
    3p = x2

    Maybe something along them lines. Not too low either though. Theres a point where increase in zeds is less of a challenge and more of a nuisance. Atm it seems like its zeds +100% for the 2nd player and again for each subsequent player. gets kinda stupid when 4 people go through a small town like Kozlovka or Bor and suddenly theres more zombies than the entirety of Elektro on a saturday night :v
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  8. idk but has anyone actually suggested fixing the issue where the zombies hit you without having to finish the animation? the most aggrivating shit ever.
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  9. yeah problem is the laggy punches/movements. It's worse now than it ever was.
  10. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    wrap up arma 2 move to something else?
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  11. This.

    Has there ever been a more buggy and easy to break game than this one? How did this game ever find the light of day as unfinished as it was?
  12. Because ARMA 2 wasn't originally designed and developed to accommodate zombies and all the related scripts.

    If you went and played a standard ARMA 2 multiplayer mission on a decent-specced server I'd be incredibly surprised if you saw any desync or lag.
  13. Project Zomboid! It's pretty damn solid right now if you're just looking for a multiplayer zombie game & dont care if it's fps or not. No dot is needed, full skill system, there's actual hordes of zombies, crafting, basebuilding, working infection (one bite kills you), sickness, a deteriorating world and zombies, fire that can be set and spread etc. Right now they're improving the animations for the player & zombies and it's looking really good.

    Shoot one bullet and get absolutely swarmed by zombies. Gunfights is a last resort & is basically only used against other players. If you get shot once you will need to use tweezers to take out the bullet(s), alcohol to disinfect, needle & thread etc. As time goes by the electricity in buildings go out, then the water, grass grows taller, pavement cracks and everything just looks like you'd expect it to look after a zombie apocalypse.

    If you got the game already go into the game properties on steam, beta access & enter the password iaccepttheconsequences to get the new animations, player locks and other tasty stuff.

    Here's me and a friend burning down an enemy base. Dont say anything about the fire. It looks better than the fire in Arma 2.




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  14. Ash_01

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    DayZomboid server gogo.
  15. Timmyctc

    Timmyctc Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I'd love to get into online PZomboid just in general. Played a bit by myself but never tried online. Do you guys have a server or just a public one or what? If you ever feel like taking a newbie under your wing, hit me up :p
  16. We have a server that we play on now and then yeah. Nothing official though. Each server will be different since a different amount of time will have passed since the "apocalypse". You might join a server mid-winter, which makes it extremely hard for a new player to survive. Try to find a server that recently performed a reset.
  17. project zomboid is cool, maybe so cool you wanna discuss it in an extra thread? back to topic! :)

    doesnt look very dead to me <3


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  18. Thought advertising other mods/games was against the rules?
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  19. Not taking the bait. Thanks for trying though.
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    Obviously Rogo is too gangster to care about rules
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