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Discussion in 'General' started by Ignak, 2015-02-06.

  1. Pretty hard to get new members when the mod hardly works as it is atm.
  2. datblackman

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    Aside from the connection issues (dayzero.dll, database errors), the mod has improved since I first saw it released through BMRF a couple years ago. It's just crazy to think there used to not only be an SE1 and SE2 but there were multiple DE and US servers as well that would fill up. Where are all those players now?

    I am just afraid that even if all these cool suggestions get implemented, it wont matter because there is no one else on the server to play against anyways. New patches seem to invite old players back, but the pop always ends up declining after a few weeks. I'd just like to see some ideas on how to get and keep more players instead of a slightly improved gameplay.
  3. Removal of ammo relog and the backpack bug destroyed most of the population, numbers have never been the same since.
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  4. Had a minor stroke reading this
  5. Natural

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    It is true most of the population existed prior to the latest patches that was released. Alot of shit recently gave people trouble joining/playing the servers.

    I do miss the days of third person and more gear being on the server, there was more people on during these times.
  6. papsh

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    I remember people complaining at the past about gear all the time (that there was so much gear around) and demanding wipes, less gear , rare ammo , rare backpacks , rare everything etc.(most of them are not here anymore lel , they made the changes and left). Me personally i didn't had any problem with the gear at all. I like big ass fights , but the people in this community who themselves changed things in DayZero (less gear etc) they don't play anymore and this is kinda silly.
    I know teams that stopped playing cause of that , cause they didn't liked run to NWAF to get just a simple m4 without scope or get a G3 from a crash site with only one mag and then try to go south in the oil rigs and hope to get another mag. Its very frustrating and not enjoyable game play. Imagine the effort and the time you need for all this shit + the risk to get killed by a random fresh spawn.
    Since these changes people left, not cause of the fix of the ammo glitch. Ammo glitch was good to be fixed. I didn't like it either at the start but i got used to it and i didn't had any problem at all with it. It was a bug after all.
    Everything is up to Tansien to get more people to these servers. People have problems to join the servers and people want more gear, that's it. If Tansien work on these things, DayZero will fill up again. I think people will appreciate his effort and they will donate more money to DayZero, im sure of it. He only need to be active again.
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  7. Natural

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  8. Exactly.

    It seemed a lot of these 'fixes' were just answers to questions no one was asking. This never ending attempt to make the game ever more tedious doesn't make sense to me. For example before you could get a chopper up and running with parts found in any industrial area. Now you have to find crash sites for that missing piece. Originally it was just the right amount of effort to get a chopper and now it's just pointless. People who get that rare part just hoard it and so the choppers just stay in a few select hands.

    Shame, I used to like flying coppers.
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  9. If the following were fixed/reverted to how they were, I know I'd be playing, as well as many others, every day like I used to.
    - Zombies rek vehicles too easy
    - Vehicle spawns greatly decreased, and too many spawning broken.
    - Lack of static heli crashes too (you know, the old ones that spawned in at restart)
    - Desync
    - Day time ends too soon / not enough dusk / twilight.
    - Rain & fog at night = people leave serfer.

    Vehicles are actually a big deal.. The fights would last longer. Some squads used to just hoard vehicles, they were often many in a group though and at least put up a good fight. Now those squads that liked to hoard are gone.
    There was nothing better than fighting 1 or 2 guys in Polana and then see a ural full of guys turn up. Or driving an SUV from Gorka to Novy and getting rekt by G Thang squad.
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  10. Tansien

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    Some of these changes are rather minor and can be easily tweaked, I get what you all mean about the fog at night so I'll see about changing that. Damage from Zeds to vehicles can also be tweaked, i'll have a look at what it's set at right now, but the min damage a zed can do is 1% and if they pile up on a vehicle it would go down fast anyways.
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  12. Rawryy

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    @Tansien since the night was changed last week, it has been constant rain/fog/dark night this week, seems like it is bugged, never stayed so long in this pattern before, not many bright nights at all.

    @YarwoodUK there are a lot of vehicles, they just all blow up on restart :p berezino probably the worst place for them spawning in and blowing up, maybe 5+ each restart
  13. M|J

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    If possible, look at what u can do about that heavy rain during night also, its basically the worst thing. All you see is a wall of white lines on your screen and the most annoying sound in the world. And the combo of the fog+rain+night= 90% of the server stops playing.
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  14. datblackman

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    The thing is, we all supported those changes (at least I did, and it seemed like most of the community did as well) especially when it came to the ammo changes. I assumed it would increase the amount of people coming to the airfields/stary. It also gave you hope as a fresh spawn to catch players coming to the oil rigs.

    I just thought it funny that we want more content before we ask for the changes needed to bring players back. I love the mod how it is right now but maybe the learning curve it too steep for new players.
  15. It's not exactly easy to adapt to this mod with so many experienced players and especially Silesky, who's been here since the beginning.
  16. Ehm, not sure what you are talking about, but you dont need that piece of scrap metal which spawns on crash sites to fix a chopper.
    Its much more easy to fix a chopper now, mostly they spawn with enginge and fuel, so you only need one Mainrotor to make it flyable.
    If you can handle the spinning you need nothing and can just jump in and fly it away...
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  17. I removed some posts that were commenting on the size of certain squads. Stay on topic, please. Thanks!
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  18. guess i can't express my opinion, that's cool
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  19. Do you see what the name of this thread is? What were you writing about? Was that on topic in your opinion? Feel free to create a thread about squad size. Your posts were not the only ones removed.
  20. I graciously SUGGEST as a community certain squads stop running a mandatory 4+ to stay relevant. This is about suggestions, no?

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