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Discussion in 'General' started by Ignak, 2015-02-06.

  1. Let's collect all out suggestion for patches here...for us and for Tansien easier to read. Feel free to comment on other people's suggestions but keep it civil.

    Mine are

    More attachment options to russian weapons would be nice. For example AK-74M, you can't put anything in it, Ak-47: Can only put a nade launcher in it as it is now.

    - Maybe there should be a option to use RPK-47 drums in AKM-type weapons (As in russian beta-C mag)
    - And of course, new weapons! Always fun to have (could check arma for ones that shold be viable if you don't have the time Tansien)
    - Tranquilizer darts for crossbow
    - Able to put silencer on mp5
    - one russian rig (maybe convert one)
    - Weapons with NSPU back
    - Crossbow damage more
    - Hiding corpse, need entrenching tool, or really long animation
    - Supply backpack (
    - Humanity changes that I suggested ( )

    I hope Tansien reads this, and especially takes consideration on the humanity changes.

    Good luck all and I hope you have good suggestions.
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  2. shadybh

    shadybh i love you Leaderboard

    - i think a longer animation would suffice (1 - so it's not as easy to just run up and hide with little risk but 2 - all those times you accidentally hide, you could at least cancel it by moving or w/e) ... entrenching tool required may be cool too, dunno
    - i've always suggested this, but... require everyone to use their forum name when playing (not to see what groups are on but to see who is/isn't being sketchy) or the people that can kill people all day and talk shit, but you'd never know if you killed them ... and you know why

    edit* great list below (my favorites: sun glare, fog, dayz launcher/commander, clothing)
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  3. M|J

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  4. "ADD LEADERBOARD! Old school one or new one(focusing on player kills). Very important."
    I think this would just drive the little players school we have here even just going north and getting killed after a fight which is what as I understand is what we are trying to avoid?

    Getting points from killing zombies, or repairing cars, and of course killing players should be counted. I think everything the player does in-game that has a effect should be counted...not just player kills.

    "A poll to see if huey/MI-17 should be removed.(or make easier to shoot down)" Huey..already a very easy target for ground shooters...I don't see why.

    "Reduce zombie speed/fix pathing. it's really fast atm for some reason" If they can be made would be nice that they actually only hit you when they do the hit animation.

    "Reduce the amount of blood you lose from drink/food flashing."
    It's one of the rare things about survival left..please don't change's already way too easy to find food and water

    "New/More vehicles - Nothing that requires too much work."
    No new vehicles really available...believe me I have browsed the armaholic way too many times.

    "Remove rain during night(specially if the fog is like it is now). The gamma rain is really really bad."
    Don't be such's the same for all...if you can't see with your friggin DMR they can't either

    "Fix PKP to not work with night-vision" I'd rather have NSPU SVD and AK shouldn't work with nvg imo.

    "Add Combine Lapua mags(and any other mags you can't combine if there is any)."

    Every mag should be able to be combined imo.

    "Add attachments to the Lee-enfield. CCO, ACOG or PSO/Kobra sights.(Would make lee-enfield really useful even when you have high-end gear)"

    In my opinion there should be more iron sights...SVD Irong sight...CZ Iron sight...But since there's no dev's it's going to be hard =(

    "Add zeroing to the G3SG/1, like we have on the m21. Or get the zeroing stuck on 300 on the m21 just like it is on the G3SG/1 now." Good point

    "Fix the icon showing broken arms/remove broken arms." that would be awesome
    "Fix - Smoke Grenades not affecting zombies." they should
    "Fix - moving when receiving bloodbag.(As soon as the animation starts the player receiving the bloodbag is able to move, yet still getting 100% blood." good point, good idea.
    "Fix - If someone gets broken legs and then passes out, then does the bandage glitch to get up fast again, he would ignore broken legs" getting up with bandage by a bug should not be allowed.
    "Fix - zombies break vehicles by punching." this is actually something that I've been wondering about...why did we change from damageing the windows to damaging the whole car? (Tansien?)

    "ADD LEADERBOARD! Old school one or new one(focusing on player kills). Very important." In my opinion it's not even nearly supposed to be about player kills...but I guess you all know me :)

    "REDUCE SUNGLARE - Our eyes can't take it much longer." in my experience this have not been a problem sucks...but you can work with it

    "Fix the icon showing broken arms/remove broken arms." Now this would just be convinient, not priority.

    That's my saying, I know it's a book...but I tried to answer to any suggestion that was in that list.
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  5. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    Few things I can think of....

    UI: Update the UI possibly, give it a different look? I believe we have had the same look since the big 1.0 patch

    Weapons: Maybe a few new variants HK417? (bring back M14 DMR pls)

    Clothings: More camo clothings or different urban/civilian looking clothing if possible. PLEASE HERO DONATOR SKIN

    Backpack: I've seen a few people post backpack suggestions for new ones to implement. We should also look into lowering Coyote spawns.... what if regular coyotes only spawn in high level military areas with a lower spawn rate in general (barracks, neaf plane etc) and woodlands would only be spawned from crashsites. Czech backpack spawn rate raised slightly higher

    @Rawryy has some good suggestions in here

    The ability to control zombie aggro with smoke grenades was great, not sure if the battleye patches or something screwed that up but I would love for it to be added

    Marketing: We need to inform people about this mod, it makes no sense why such a small playerbase is still playing it.
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  6. bnz

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    Bicycle at spawn and I shall return to dayzero!
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  7. mdms

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    Isn't one DMR enough? The only difference between M14 and M21 is the colour. The main problem with "adding new weapons" is that there aren't many weaponpacks with these oldschool weapons that we can freely use.

    I think we have a hero donator skin already. I saw Ignak having it. Same problem with skins than with weapons. We need a working skin that can support backpacks and the skin needs to be balanced (no armor values, correct dimensions, etc).
  8. mdms

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    I thought the one without cap is the donator one, can't verify since the wiki is down.

    Sorry BobSaget, XenForo showed your post as double and both got deleted when I removed the extra one. For reasons.
  9. Indeed, normal hero skin has a cap. Donator hero skin has 4 different skins or 3..not sure. The shade of the shirt is different with each of them (but none has a cap). But I guess his suggestion for hero skin could be taken that it should be different from the normal hero :) since it seems people don't even know it's different right now.

    I personally like the current hero skin tho.
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  10. No problem but the one without the cap is the normal one which everyone has, dont know tansien decided to remove the cap.

    I think everyone has a chance of getting the different colours, doesnt matter whether you're a donator or not.
  11. Dunno, there's no non-donator heros to try it out =) But there's no cap in donator hero ever. Back in the times hero was always the same looking when I hadn't donated yet tho.

  12. Everyone has the different colours, donator or not :)
  13. If you know someone who hasn't donated and is a hero I believe you :)
  14. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    Then remove m21 and add m14 DMR back again. Green all the way
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  15. Yes, I've seen a non donator with the different coloured hero skin.
  16. So far a lot of changes have been made to make the PvP-aspect more interesting. May I suggest the ultimate optimisation for the servers? Remove the zombies. At this point zombies in DayZero is an annoyance more than anything else. Sure, they give away player positions sometimes but a lot of players learned the best routes to spawn as little zombies as possible. If we're going to be honest it's not so much a zombie game anymore but more of a squadbased pvp-mod.

    We would have to replace zombies with something else of course. How about epoch-style missions? And along with that there should be more vehicles in the form of motorbikes & cars. Normal bikes are nice but quite OP in my opinion. They are very easy to fix, silent & very fast. All the better players use them for fast flanks.
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  17. DayZerowasteland? :>
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  18. Personally, I think ARMA 3 would be the most logical option in terms of development and time efficiency.
    ARMA 2 development by Bohemia will soon cease, any updates will be BattlEye tests.

    - Better graphics, lighting and dare I say physics.
    - Ammo counting is natively in the game (aka ammo relog/exploits fixed).
    - Weapon attachments is natively in the game.
    - Turbo is fixed
    - *Game-breaking bug that affects players aim* is fixed.
    - Weather system is good.
    - Most often there's better client performance and definitely increased server performance giving more flexibility to add AI or other performance-effecting mods.
    - Increased community <-> developer interaction.
    - There's a lot more players for ARMA 3, that means we have more chance at getting new players.
    - "DayZero on ARMA 3" is something that would instantly fill servers and we all know it.

    The most common reason DayZero players give to me for not liking ARMA 3 is the movement. There are mods out there that nicely change movement to be more fluid (if the server accepts the mod ofc).

    The only reason I can think of why ARMA 3 is not suitable atm is the lack of zombies. That would require work, or as suggested, replaced by AI-soldiers.
    Although Epoch has some cool stuff regarding antagonists, exploding zombies (sappers) etc - perhaps that could be used for inspiration :p
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  19. There's plenty of other stuff to do other than PvP in DayZero...because it's awesome.
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  20. mdms

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    I might be a sick individual, but enjoy ARMA II's clunky movements and awkward mechanics over ARMA III's "supersoldiers". Suits way better for DayZ. ARMA III's car mechanics are also very overpowered for DayZ.

    ARMA III's physics are better than ARMA II's though, although they are still very shitty.
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